Navigating Travel Nursing and Allied Health Careers with Your Spouse, Family, or Pet

You want to make the leap into becoming a travel nurse or allied health professional, but aren’t quite sure how your loved ones—including your pets—fit into the picture. The First Time Traveler Guide tackles these common questions about being a travel nurse or allied health professional with a family, explaining how each can enjoy this new journey with you.

Navigating Travel Nursing and Allied Health Careers with Your Spouse, Family, or Pet

So you want to make the leap into becoming a travel nurse or allied health professional, but aren’t quite sure how your loved ones and pets fit into the picture? Being a traveler with family or pets presents its challenges, but it is certainly possible. Traveling creates opportunities to gain new experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you are intrigued by becoming a travel nurse or allied health professional, use these helpful tips to see how traveling with your spouse, pet, or family might work for you!

Can You Manage Career and Family as a Traveler?

Balancing a career as a traveling nurse or allied health professional with a family may seem far-fetched but it is possible with a little planning and creativity. You may choose to start out with an assignment close to your home base and still take advantage of the great benefits traveling has to offer.

If you are ready to take the plunge and try out a new destination, being a travel nurse or allied health professional with your family gives you the flexibility to work as little or as much as you want anywhere in the country while spending time with your family. 

Life as a traveling family can be a big adjustment, but it will come easier with more experience. Remember that what works for one family may not work for another. However, the privilege to travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your family. 

Travel nurse and allied health recruiters recruiters make it easy for you by taking care of all of the little details to help bring your family or pets along with you on assignment. The thought of managing a career and family as a traveler may seem daunting but it can be a positive experience for everyone. 

Is it Feasible for a Single Mom to Become a Travel Nurse or Allied Health Professional?

While traveling as a single mom may present challenges, it is definitely doable. Traveling typically offers a higher than average salary and free accommodations which can be very beneficial to single mothers. 

Child care and schooling are the most difficult challenges to figure out as a single mom. Consider asking a grandparent, family member, or trusted friend to accompany you on your assignment to help care for your child. You can also decide if hiring a babysitter will be cost- effective as well. 

Traveling will be easier if your child is homeschooled or in an online schooling program. However, you can take a travel assignment close to home and still receive the same benefits. Another option would be to travel during summer breaks. There is less worry about accommodating school commitment , and you and your child will get the opportunity to adventure together. 

Being a travel nurse or allied health professional as a single mom can be a great bonding experience for you and your child.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Traveler With a Spouse

Bringing your spouse along on your travel assignment has its pros and cons. Traveling together will allow you to have experiences in new cities and can bring you closer together. Having your spouse with you will make you less homesick and will decrease feelings of loneliness that often occur while traveling alone. Take advantage of the perks of travel nurse and allied health benefits and treat each assignment like a paid vacation with your spouse. Maximize your days off and try new restaurants or explore your new location. 

Employment opportunities for travel spouses can be challenging as most assignments last around 13 weeks which doesn't allow for job stability. Prior to traveling, discuss plans for employment with your significant other. Spouses who can work remotely will have the freedom to work in any location.

Changing locations frequently means that you don’t have a sense of community, and travel spouses may often get bored or lonely while you are at work. Spouses might consider joining a sports club, or participating in local activities to help keep them entertained. 

Traveling together can either strengthen or weaken your relationship. Figure out what works best for you and your situation before you decide to bring your spouse along for the ride. 

Pros and Cons of becoming a Travel Nurse or Allied Health Professional With Kids

Traveling with kids can be an enriching experience for the whole family. Being able to spend time together in a new location, while receiving company-provided housing, and making more money is an incredible opportunity. Imagine spending your days off exploring museums, art galleries, national parks, restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, or zoos with your family. Be sure to take advantage of all the activities offered in each new city. 

Pros of bringing your children on assignment with you include reducing separation, exposing them to different cultural experiences, and promoting adaptability.

There are a few factors to be considered before taking your kids along with you to your next travel assignment. Depending on your child’s age these can be major challenges. The key is to be understanding and flexible with any situation that arises.

Leaving behind family and friends can be especially difficult for children. Staying in contact via video chat will help your child to feel connected. 

Many travel nurses and allied health professionals choose to homeschool or have their child learn virtually to make it easier for them to hit the road. Some healthcare professionals prefer to travel before their children become school-aged or only travel during the summer months when school isn’t a concern. There is also the option of enrolling your child in school in your new location and trying to extend your contract. 

Weigh the pros and cons of having your kids accompany you to new locations and decide what is best for all of you.

Being a travel nurse or allied health professional with a family certainly has its challenges, but it also offers invaluable experiences for everyone. Traveling to new cities and immersing your family in local culture provides experiences that you wouldn’t typically have on a normal family vacation. 

Connect with a trusted travel nurse or allied health recruiter for recommendations that fit your needs when traveling with a spouse, family, or pets.

3 Things Every Travel Nurse and Allied Health Professional With a Family Should Consider


Housing provided by travel nurse and allied health companies is typically meant to accommodate a single person or couple, which can leave little personal space if traveling with a family. You do have the option to use a housing stipend for a larger place, but you will be paying extra for your own accommodations. 

You will also want to make sure that the area is a good choice for your family. Do you want to be in a city close to all of the attractions or do you prefer the quiet of the suburbs? Safety is of the utmost importance when traveling with your family, so do your research and ask your recruiter or staff at your next assignment for help.  

Childcare and Activities

Before accepting your new assignment, you will want to weigh all of your childcare options. Will your spouse be able to look after the children, or will they be working as well? Having an unfamiliar person care for your children while you are starting a new assignment can be challenging. Try to iron out all of the details prior to starting your assignment to lessen your stress. 

Involving your kids in local activities will help them adapt to their new location. Consider joining local sports teams, community pools, playgrounds, visiting local libraries, and attending community events. This will help your kids stay busy and allow them the opportunity to socialize with other children. 

Local Commuting

Traveling doesn’t always have to take you to a faraway destination. Taking an assignment locally allows you to still enjoy the benefits without uprooting your family. Staying close to home for your first assignment will help you save money and get your feet wet as a traveler.

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