What to Expect as a Travel Nurse and Allied Health Professional?

Imagine you’ve made the leap and become either a travel nurse or allied health professional. You’ve worked with a recruiter and he or she has helped land your first travel assignment. Now what? This video explains what you can expect as a traveler, as well as the benefits you can look forward to.

What Is it like being a Travel Nurse or Allied Health Professional?

Traveling as a nurse or allied health professional embraces flexibility, adventure, and higher pay while avoiding the drama of internal politics. As a traveler, you will be walking into a new unit that likely operates in a different way than you are used to—and with limited orientation.

Healthcare facilities want travel nurses and allied health professionals who are open to new methods and procedures. No two facilities are the same, nor do they operate in the same way. Simply put, you need to be flexible.

Hospitals are typically beholden to some level of guaranteed hours for travel nurses. In order to meet these guarantees, floating to units in which you are qualified to work is often a requirement for travelers.

A draw for many to the travel lifestyle is the opportunity to distance one’s self from hospital politics. Because your stay at any one facility is limited, you have the unique ability to remove yourself from the internal cliques of a hospital.

Simply put, traveling allows you to serve others and explore new regions while earning higher compensation.

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