Become a Travel Nurse: 5 Steps to Your New Travel Career

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July 5, 2017
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Travel nursing is an attractive career opportunity that includes: great pay, travel opportunities, and ways to broaden your skill set without taking permanent positions. How to become a travel nurse can be confusing to those new to the field. Health Carousel Travel Nursing is going to break it down with this list of five steps to becoming a successful travel nurse.

1. Meet the necessary qualifications.

Getting to be a travel nurse means having the necessary qualifications. Pretty much just like being an RN right? Without meeting these qualifications, most travel nursing agencies will ask you to get them prior to consideration. If you are looking to become a travel nurse, make sure you’ve got the these three things:

  1. Be a registered nurse (RN).
  2. Pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX.
  3. Get the required nursing experience. This normally means a minimum of one year as a registered nurse, plus an additional year for specialties.

2. Have a registered home address to access tax-free earnings.

It’s best to have a registered home address or home state, but isn’t an absolute necessity to become travel nurse. But, if you want to earn money on a tax-free basis, it’s smart to get this set up.  How far from your home address a job needs to be to be considered a travel nurse post isn’t exact, but the team at Health Carousel Travel Nursing considers 75 miles the typical minimum standard.

3. Be flexible.

Being a nurse you have flexibility, and it’s likely something you utilize at your job every day. Becoming a travel nurse, the willingness and ability to be flexible is even more critical. Travel nursing jobs normally span between 13-26 weeks, which can feel like a really short turn-around for getting adjusted and dig in. It also can play a part if your assignment employer needs you to cover staff across a number of different departments.

4. Be licensed to work in the state you want an assignment.

Getting an additional state license or being a compact state license RN is key; travel nurse assignments require RNs to be licensed in the assignment state. If you are qualified in or have worked in a compact state,  you are automatically licensed to work in 25 U.S. states. Don’t let this deter you if you don’t have additional state licenses but you know where you want to go. Your travel nurse recruiter can walk you through the process. Some agencies even will reimburse you after you sign on for an assignment in that state.

5. Be personable.

Let that charm shine! Being a travel nurse means needing to quickly mesh with new teams and different patients across the states. Exhibiting a friendly, approachable demeanor when on the job will not only help you adjust faster, it will  grow that network of support. This type of attitude can also help you fit in wherever you work.

Becoming a travel nurse hitting the spot? The team at Health Carousel Travel Nursing have you covered, no matter if you are ready to pack your bags or have more questions. Read more about the benefits of working with Health Carousel Travel Nursing then speak to one of our specialty-focused travel nurse recruiters.

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