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It’s possible to build the career you want with the flexibility you deserve. We offer a new way to think about travel nursing that allows you to work and live the way you want and experience the benefits traditionally only available to full time staff nurses. Learn more about our diverse assignment options, professional development programs and advanced education platforms that can take your career to the next level.


Across the country or close to home,  our First in Line program submits you to assignments that match your preferences so that you can compare real job offers, not just job listings.


Get recognized and rewarded throughout your journey with our unique travel nurse clinical ladder program designed to support your professional development.


Advance your education by pursuing your BSN or MSN degree while on assignment with Health Carousel. Our work/study program helps you earn your next degree, and we pay for the majority of your tuition and fees!

Benefits + Support

Surround yourself with employee grade benefits, resources and support teams that care for your well-being at all stages of your journey.

Clinical Career Coach

The path to a fulfilling and enjoyable career is best travelled with a guide!

Partner with a clinically experienced career coach to define your goals and make an action plan to achieve them.

  • Discover your personal career path
  • Explore an array of employment options
  • Navigate career transitions and growth opportunities
  • Enjoy valuable guidance and encouragement along the way

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Break free from the constant searching, agency juggling, time wasting efforts and take the next step to find the variety and flexibility you need for your whole career. At Health Carousel, we are here for the long term, not just your next contract.

“I believe that working with Health Carousel has been one of the best things that has happened to my career. Travel nursing teaches me more, it makes me better and it’s something I can take with me wherever I go”

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