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How Does Travel Nurse Housing Work?

The biggest concern for most nurses considering travel jobs: Where am I going to live? The Travel Nurse Academy explains what travel nurse housing options are, who pays for it, and how the accommodations are arranged. Find the answers to these questions and more in our FAQs.

Travel and Housing FAQs

We have a different approach to Travel & Housing. While we love setting up company provided housing, we also want our nurses to enjoy the perks of the tax-free housing per diem – it is a huge financial advantage of traveling.

We realize finding short-term housing can be tricky, and we want to help in a way that fits your needs! Our dedicated Travel & Housing team is available to provide housing recommendations, set up housing, give exclusive hotel and rental car discounts, answer questions, and more.

We believe you have more important things to worry about than housing, including improving lives at the hospital. Below are all the ways our team can help you feel confident about your housing situation regardless if you took company provided housing or the housing stipend.

Company Provided Housing

Sit back and allow our team to put all the work into booking housing! We will provide fully furnished accommodations for the entire length of your assignment – you only need to bring your clothes and any personal belongings.

Why take company provided housing?

  • Saves you time in researching and setting up housing.
  • Simplest way to take a travel contract – you can focus more of your efforts on patient care.
  • Eliminates upfront costs for housing.

Per Diem Assistance Program

Where most companies limit Travel & Housing assistance to company provided housing, we extend help to all our nurses, including those taking the tax-free per diem. Our team will provide housing research, discounts, answer questions, and provide advice no matter where your assignment is.

Why utilize the Per Diem Assistance Program?

  • Allows you to take full advantage of the financial benefit of the per diem without the burden of finding housing alone.
  • Saves you time researching housing.
  • Resource for questions you may have about the area, housing set up, etc.
  • Access to exclusive discounts on many hotels around the country.

Temporary Company Provided Hotel

Do you want to take advantage of the per diem, but need company provided housing the first few weeks while you get settled in? Not a problem! We can provide housing at a local hotel while you find your preferred housing to utilize the stipend on for the remainder of your assignment.

Why take a temporary company provided hotel?

  • Eliminates immediate upfront housing costs until you find something else further into your assignment.
  • Allows you to get acclimated with the area and affords you the ability to physically visit housing before committing.

Company Provided Rental Cars and Flights

Need of a way of traveling to your assignment or around your location for the duration of the assignment? Our Travel & Housing Specialists are happy to book a round trip flight to get you to and from your assignment. A rental car can be provided for all or part of an assignment if ground transportation is needed while on assignment.

Why take company provided cars or flights?

  • Hassle-free way of traveling to and from an assignment – our team will set everything up!
  • Eliminates high upfront cost of purchasing means of transportation prior to assignment.
  • Our car rentals are insured and covered for any potential damage – you don’t need to provide your own coverage.

Payment Assistance

There can be many upfront costs associated with setting up short term housing. We can assist those who qualify by advancing a portion of your first paycheck ahead of your assignment to help cover these costs. This amount would be deducted from your first few paychecks. Ask your recruiter for more information behind qualifications.

Why take payment assistance?

  • You are taking per diems but initial housing costs are very large.

Exclusive Lodging and Transportation Discounts

We partner with many of the nation’s top hotel and rental car chains and are happy to pass along discounts to our contracted nurses. This includes 30+ hotel chains nationwide and the top car rental companies that will cover nearly every market. Ask your recruiter for more information!

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