Nursing Skills Checklists

Are you interested in pursuing a career in travel nursing, but don’t know what skills are necessary? Or are you a seasoned travel nurse and want to see if your skills align with another specialty?

The links below allow you to browse and complete as many nursing skills checklists as you choose!

The Significance of The Travel Nurse Skills Checklist

Travel nurse skills checklists help you and your recruiter identify your nursing skills and experience level. They are important because ultimately, they will help your recruiter find you the perfect assignment. 

When applying for a travel nurse assignment, your recruiter will share your checklist with the hiring manager. The hiring manager uses this as a tool to make sure your experience matches the patients’ and unit’s needs. Thus, when completing the checklist, it’s in your best interest to be truthful about your skill level.

Do you have the latest Nursing Skills Checklist?

See if your travel nursing skills match our specialties by clicking the links below. We know travel nurses often have many specialties, so you may complete as many as you like!

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Allied Health Skills Checklists

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