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inspiring stories

Watch these videos of our amazing travelers explaining why they love traveling.
My recruiter is always working to find me the best contract that fits my day to day needs in the hospital, as well as with my family.
My relationship with my recruiter has definitely been a big asset for keeping me with Health Carousel.
Being able to travel locally is really nice because I know I'll be available to be the mom and the grandma that I always wanted to be.

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Heather Reed is the absolute best teammate I could have ever asked for! She goes above and beyond for any and every question or help that I need. She responds at night and on the weekends. She is always doing everything she can to help. I have never had such a great relationship with a recruiter as I do with her. She helped me in more ways than I can even count.

Susan D.

My recruiter, Jennifer Dill, is kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. She makes sure that all of my concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Jennifer goes out of her way every Friday to call and make sure that I have had a good week.

Strawady B.

Britney Ratermann, my recruiter, is one of the best parts about working for Health Carousel! From the first day I talked to her on the phone, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I was an experienced ICU nurse who had no experience with travel nursing. She helped onboard me, answered all my questions and has been there for me every step of the way. She always responds in a timely manner and is always there for me!

Ryan E.

inspiring stories

Watch these videos of our amazing travelers explaining why they love traveling.
Without travel nursing I don't think I'd be able to live such a happy life.
I just tell my recruiter where I want to go and they do the rest.
Health Carousel makes me feel valued and made my priorities their priorities.


My recruiter, Kayleigh Metz, is helpful, respectful, responsible, kind, honest, and caring. Always responds in a timely manner. She helped me when I was sick and had to travel to Kenya for US embassy appointment. She coordinated everything with the hospital. Everything went well and I succeeded because of her.

Rodgers O.

I've been a loyal Health Carousel travel nurse for like 7 yrs and have had great recruiters and experiences for which I am grateful. My recruiter, Audrey Hallquist, is always forward thinking and proactive. She is always there when you have questions and always cheering you on, always supportive. I never have to tell her what I'm looking for in a contract.

Susan G.

I have not once felt like an inconvenience or felt irrelevant. I am heard, respected and valued. Working with my recruiter, Tatiana Diaz-Packard, has been great! She has advocated for me to continue in my assignments even when the odds were against me. When she knows something is good she fights for it. She is devoted, attentive, transparent and most of all she is kind and compassionate.

Joanne L.


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