Travel Jobs: Where Do Travel Nurses Go?

Many travel nurse staffing companies push advertisements with nurses on beaches or sprinting to the airport, luggage in tow. The Travel Nurse Academy paints a more accurate picture of where these travel jobs actually go, and why they choose the destinations they do.

Where Do Travel Nurses Go?

There are a few reasons travel nurses choose assignments in specific locations.

One reason is family. Many travel nurses will take an assignment near relatives who they don’t see very often. This gives them a chance to connect over an extended period instead of just a short visit.

Another common reason for choosing an assignment is high need by a healthcare facility. If a hospital is experiencing an unexpectedly-high census, or is simply having trouble getting enough nurses, they may offer higher pay to attract nurses.

For many travel nurses, adventure is high on the priority list. They may choose a location because of the weather–such as sunny California or Florida in the winter–or to experience an American subculture different from their own. Adventure seekers may choose to travel in large cities, like New York, or near popular outdoor attractions, like National Parks.

Whether you want to reconnect with family, make extra money, or experience a new adventure, there is a location waiting for you.

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