What Are Direct Travel Nursing and Allied Health Jobs and Why Are They Important?

What are direct jobs?

Direct jobs are when a travel nurse and allied health agency works directly with a healthcare facility that is looking to hire travel nurses and allied health professionals.

Usually, healthcare facilities use a vendor management system to show available jobs. Then the travel nurse and allied health agency uses the vendor management systems as a way to find current job openings and find nurses for those positions at the facilities.

Some agencies have direct relationships with healthcare facilities, creating direct travel nurse and allied health jobs. The direct relationship essentially eliminates the need for a vendor management system.

So why is this important to you? Lets dive into the several reasons why.

First to know about the job

The travel nurse and allied health agency will know about the job before it’s ever posted to a VMS or any other job board. This eliminates most of your competition to land your dream job. Plus, the agency might have an exclusive relationship with the healthcare system so they will only post available travel nurse jobs to that agency. So if you want to work for a specific hospital, a direct job may be your only choice.

Higher odds of having a great experience

Another reason this is important is because the agency will have a better, more trusting relationship with the healthcare facility. With the direct relationship, you are typically able to confirm if the assignment is traveler-friendly due to the number of travelers that agency has placed at the facility. Traveler-friendly jobs are a travelers best friend. They are assignments at facilities where travelers have confirmed they’ve had a great experience. Ask your recruiter if they know of existing or previous travelers experiences when considering if that job is a fit for you. Plus, if you’re looking to work for a specific hospital, a direct job through the agency might be your only chance if they have an exclusive relationship.

Potential for auto offers

If you’re in a time crunch to find a new position, direct jobs are your answer. Since direct job opportunities are built on trust, many generate auto offers or interviews. This essentially eliminates your competition and you’re guaranteed a spot.

Negotiate a higher pay rate

Since direct jobs save both parties time and money, travel nurse and allied health agencies can potentially negotiate higher pay rates and pay packages for you, which translates to more money in your pocket!

Direct jobs are your only chance of working with some healthcare systems

In some instances, accepting a direct job might be your only opportunity for working with a specific healthcare system. This is because some larger, more well-known facilities work exclusively with one agency. So if you find yourself unable to find an assignment at a specific hospital, look into what travel nurse and allied health agency offers direct jobs.

It’s tough to ignore all of the great benefits of direct jobs. Get in touch with our recruiters today and ask about the direct jobs we have available!

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