Should I accept benefits through my travel nurse and allied health agency?

Watch this video to learn why you should accept benefits from your travel nurse and allied health agency

Believe it or not, travel nurse and allied health agencies offer many of the same benefits as other large healthcare employers. Some benefits include health and dental insurance, 401k retirement savings, paid time off, and sick leave. But should you accept these? The short answer is yes, and here are a few reasons why.

Save money

First, electing to receive health and dental insurance through your agency can save you money. When you elect insurance through any employer, that employer covers the majority of the premium and you cover a smaller percentage. Premiums deducted from your paycheck are pre-tax, meaning they are excluded from your gross pay. So why not elect to receive this benefit?

No gaps in your coverage

Next, when you elect to receive insurance through your agency, you won’t have any gaps in coverage. Plus, if you’re starting a new assignment, your coverage typically starts on day 1. With most other healthcare employers, you have to wait at least 30 days after your start date for your coverage to be effective. Also, some employers will only provide state-specific coverage or health insurance through a state company. Since travel nurse and allied health agencies are nationwide, they usually offer insurance through larger insurance partners. So you can use your benefits anywhere in the United States.

Enroll in 401k

Another benefit to elect is retirement savings or 401k. Many travel nurse and allied health agencies will match up to a certain percentage of your contributions. This equals extra free money in your pocket for retirement. When you compare this with an individual retirement account and you won’t receive a percentage match. So you’re missing out on this added benefit!

The answer is yes, you should be electing benefits through your agency. And once you find a great travel nurse and allied health agency, see if there are any other benefits they offer travel nurses and allied health professionals who choose to stay with them for multiple assignments. You might be surprised by the extra perks!

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