Should I keep traveling with the same travel nurse agency?

The short answer is yes. There are many reasons, but the biggest is because your recruiter knows your likes and dislikes.

You can trust your recruiter

Many travel nurses choose to switch agencies with each assignment for various reasons. However, there are many benefits to staying with the same agency. One of the first and most important is that you get to keep the same recruiter.

It can be hard to find a good recruiter and after a while, you begin to build a relationship with them. A good recruiter will know your assignment, contract, and location preferences. They understand your needs, and you can choose what you want on your own terms because they know you well. They’ll also guide you through the interview process for a new assignment, unit-specific considerations, and walk you through your contract details.

Your recruiter is your advocate

While you're on your current assignment, a good recruiter will be on the lookout for future opportunities. They often know what’s best for you, which can either be extending your current assignment or traveling somewhere new.

If you’re ready for a change in pace, they can also look into different types of assignments, such as local, per diem, or long-term.

A great recruiter becomes your advocate. They can negotiate better pay rates for assignment extensions or help you decide if a different arrangement for your pay package would benefit you more. They can identify the best way to structure your pay package to meet your short and long-term goals. So why would you want to change agencies if you already have a great recruiter?

Save time and energy

Save yourself the headache of filling out new paperwork and taking skills assessments by staying with the same agency. Beyond avoiding the extra application paperwork, staying with the same agency will reduce the amount of onboarding needed for your next assignment. You’ll also become more efficient with job submissions. When you’re ready for your next assignment, no problem. They can submit you directly to jobs by already knowing your priorities and preferences.

Insurance coverage and retirement savings

Another great benefit is that you won’t have to worry about gaps in insurance coverage between assignments. When changing agencies frequently, it can be hard to track when your benefits end or new ones begin. You can also compile your retirement savings earnings all into one account. Making it easier to track them. So in the long run, staying with the same agency is the way to go

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