How do I increase my odds of landing jobs I am interested in?

Get submitted quickly

Travel nurse and allied health assignments are competitive. This rings true for those assignments in desirable locations, top healthcare systems, or with high compensation packages. So, the quicker you submit your application, the greater chances of the nurse manager seeing your resume before making their hiring decision.

Working with a great travel nurse and allied health agency and recruiter can make or break your travel experience. An awesome recruiter will submit you to open jobs as soon as possible and fine-tune your profile to best market your skills and abilities. And our recruiters at Health Carousel will go above and beyond for our travelers, guiding you along every step of the way. We prepare you for your interview, communicate with the healthcare partner, and fully answer any questions about your contract.

How can you increase my odds of landing an assignment I am interested in? There are a few ways.

Value of Direct Jobs

First, consider working for an agency that offers direct jobs. Direct jobs are where your agency gets first access to new travel assignments from a healthcare facility. Meaning they know about the position and you can apply before it’s ever posted on other job boards. With many travel nurse and allied health agencies, your application has to go through many hands before it’s ever in front of the actual hiring manager. With direct jobs, this eliminates the middlemen, getting your application read faster.

Many healthcare systems work with one or a few exclusive agencies. So direct jobs might be your only option depending on the facility you’re interested in.

Get first in line

Another way to increase your odds is to be first in line for an interview thanks to Health Carousel. To get First in Line, you set your assignment preferences, such as specialty, location, pay rates, and start dates. Once you’ve set these, you’re auto-submitted to any jobs that match your specifications.

So if a job posts overnight, you’re one of the first applicants. It increases the likelihood of your application viewed by the hiring manager first, thus increasing your chances against your competition.

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