How to Make the Most of a Short Distance Travel Nursing Assignment

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June 11, 2020
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If you’re looking for a travel nursing assignment, but you’re nervous about moving thousands of miles away from home for a three-month assignment, you’ve got options. Many nurses love the way of life that comes with travel nursing — always on the road, nothing holding you down, and new cities to explore every few months. However, some nurses might worry about being too far away from home, and want an assignment that allows you the possibility of traveling home within a few hours if necessary. 

The travel nursing industry can be confusing and contradictory at times — assignments that are too close to your home can land you in hot water if you accept the added benefits that come with travel nursing, like tax-free stipends and housing. Or you won’t qualify for these benefits, which will significantly lower your pay as a travel nurse.

For advice on how to find the perfect travel nursing assignment that’s close to home, stick to these tips below.

#1: An Assignment Less Than 100 Miles Away Should Be Avoided

As we mentioned earlier, there can be plenty of regulations when it comes to how far a nursing assignment needs to be from your permanent residence to qualify as a travel nursing assignment. As a rule of thumb, we recommend not considering any travel nursing assignments that are less than 100 miles away. However, some facilities will consider nurses whose permanent residences are 200 miles away or less as non-travelers, so make sure you know each facility’s rules on travelers when looking for assignments. 

#2: Be Flexible

Since there can be many restrictions and regulations on what constitutes a travel nursing assignment within this short distance, it’s important to keep your options open when searching. You’ll also have access to a lower amount of assignments, since you’re only looking in one part of the country, rather than the entire United States. For instance, you may not enjoy the flexibility in schedule that other travel nurses who are willing to travel farther have, or you might have a harder time finding a position in your specialty depending on your location. If you’re willing to compromise on some of your needs with a travel nursing assignment, you’ll have an easier time finding a travel nursing assignment in your preferred location.

#3: Work With a Great Recruiter

It’s important to find a recruiter that you work well with — when searching for one of these assignments, the details can be complicated and hard to work out without a knowledgeable recruiter on your side. 

Make sure you find a recruiter that aligns with your interests. These assignments can be hard to find, so a recruiter who is on the same page as you will make the process much easier! A great recruiter will be able to help you manage your options, as well as recommend other assignments that match your interests.

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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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