DAISY Award Winner: Stephanie Nethers

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March 19, 2019
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The DAISY Award celebrates Extraordinary Nurses, and Tailored Healthcare Staffing is proud to take part in this recognition. Our nursing staff headed to Columbus, Ohio to surprise Stephanie with this prestigious honor in nursing.

Stephaine Nethers


Stephanie was selected because of exceptional recognition she received from her hospital, resulting in an award of excellence. Countless patients have given praise to Stephanie, which is a true testament to her commitment to improving lives.

Her recruiter, Jenna Weber, shared these warm words in her DAISY Award nomination:

Stephanie continues to amaze me every day with her compassion and love she has for her patients. I don’t have one specific experience that I am nominating her for, but for so many different ones she shares with me!!

One story she told me recently was extremely touching. She has a patient on her unit who has been in the hospital for over 100 days and has no family and has had no visitors during his entire stay. She knew his birthday was coming up she went out to buy him a cake and a gift. This patient always wants something to hold because he lost his vision when he had a stroke. Stephanie bought him a plush teddy bear for him to hold. She knew he loved chocolate, so she bought him a chocolate cake and candy as well. The patient was overwhelmed with joy because of the compassion Stephanie showed him.

Another example is below – Stephanie texted me this back in November.

So a few weeks ago I met one of my pts sisters named Dorothy. Dorothy has been the head of volunteer services care packages at the VA in Columbus for many years. She organizes and sends out thousands of care packages to our troops overseas every year. She was telling me that the need for items to be placed in the care packages is dire. She said many people just don’t realize that not all of our troops have family support, or this is their 10th deployment and the families just don’t send them care packages. She recently got a notice from a chaplain for 13,000 care packages! I was talking with my charge nurse the other night (Rachel) who used to be a nurse in the army. I told her that she was just the person I needed to help me with something. The units have to do community service type projects for their magnet accreditation. I told her I have been wanting to find a group of people to help me get items for care packages for the VA. I asked her to help me. She was so excited and said yes! All we have to do is collect the items, then Dorothy and her crew put the packages together and send them out. I am praying that everything goes through. We have the potential to help so many people! If this works out, this is just one more reason as to how I know I am placed right where I need to be.

Letters from to super nurse


Jenna made the trip to Columbus to award Stephanie the DAISY in person. Stephanie said she was beyond grateful for the award and recognition and has been celebrating with the nurses at her hospital. Congratulations, Stephanie!

Through our partnership with the DAISY foundation, Tailored Healthcare Staffing is proud to be one of the few travel nursing agencies who give DAISY Awards.      

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