DAISY Award Winner: Laura Kushner

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February 28, 2020
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Congratulations to Laura Kushner, a travel nurse working with Next Travel Nursing, on winning a DAISY Award this quarter for her hard work and compassion as a nurse! She’s truly an example of what amazing work nurses do every day.

Here’s what her recruiter, Jeriel, had to say about Laura:

“Laura has been an awesome RN who has been with our agency for over a year!

I first met Laura a little over a year ago, after she began researching travel nursing. Through her own research and information from several co-workers, and agencies, Laura decided to take the leap, and that Next Travel Nursing was the best fit for her to start her new career path! With Laura being an OR RN only licensed in OH, with no previous travel experience, finding her an assignment that was a good fit for her was initially a bit of a challenge. Throughout it all, Laura was very patient and displayed one of the best qualities of a ‘true traveler’ from the very beginning: flexibility!

“Even through some unfortunate family events and one unlucky deer on the highway, Laura has never once found a reason that couldn’t fulfill her commitments any of the facilities where she’s been placed, as well as Next, even when we suggested that she do so! In the relatively short amount of time (1 year) Laura has been with Next, she has taken willingly taken assignments at 4 different facilities and has gotten nothing but great feedback from 3, and I’m sure she will be great on her 4th, which begins on 7/15/19!”

When Jeriel asked Laura how her experience has been traveling so far, here’s what she had to say…  

“At first I was a bit apprehensive, but NEXT has been great and I’ve been able to meet some amazing co-workers, and now I have friends all across Ohio!” -Laura Kushner, RN  

Laura’s coworkers also gushed about her to us. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Laura was a great nurse to work with, she was a fast learner and always willing to help!”
– Heather Higgs, RN unit manager, UH Geauga Medical Center

“She was a very skilled nurse and a pleasure to work with!”
– Paul Bosher, RN Shift Supervisor, UH Geauga Medical Center

“Laura is great to work with, she always has a bubbly attitude, and stays positive in what can be a sometimes mundane OR! She’s taken on a great role here at Mercy, helping new people get acclimated and training new travelers! Everyone here seems to like her and would love for her to stay!”
– Shelby Giblin, RN OR, Mercy MC

Please Join Us in Celebrating Laura

Please join the entire Next Travel Nursing staff in thanking Laura for her compassionate and caring work as a travel nurse! She truly exhibits the clinical skills and compassion that The DAISY Award was intended to honor.

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