DAISY Award Winner: Courtney Chihil

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June 9, 2019
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The DAISY Award celebrates extraordinary nurses, and Tailored Healthcare Staffing is proud to take part in this recognition. This month, we traveled to Dayton to celebrate Courtney’s achievement and honor her dedication to nursing with this prestigious honor.


Courtney was selected because of the exceptional care she gave to patients from her hospital, resulting in an award of excellence. However, a story from the daughter of a patient who was cared for by Courtney exemplified the values and integrity that Courtney embodies as a nurse.

Her recruiter, Kaitlyn McNally, shared these touching words in her DAISY Award nomination:

I am so excited to nominate my nurse Courtney Chihil for this quarter’s Daisy Award. The reason I use the word excited is because Courtney has always been one of my favorite nurses to work with from the start. She’s hardworking, motivated, fun, kind, energetic and compassionate. She will be working with Tailored Healthcare for officially one year on June 11th.

I was fully aware Courtney was a great nurse by the excellent references I would receive from her assignment and her 3 extensions at Miami Valley Hospital. Due to her humble nature, Courtney would never brag or outwardly speak about her excellent patient care. I was overjoyed and so humbled myself when I received an email about Courtney from a patient’s family member earlier this week.

This patient’s daughter had been on Facebook trying to track down our agency and myself so she could share her touching and uplifting story about Courtney. Here is what she shared:

“I wanted to reach out regarding your amazing traveler Courtney C. My mom suffered a massive stroke on April 5th, and during her time at Miami Valley, we had the pleasure of having Courtney as one of her nurses.  During this truly horrendous time for our family as our mom didn’t survive, Courtney was a ray of light. She advocated for us during this difficult time when she knew we needed ‘real’ information, not doctor information. She checked on us as well and answered our endless questions. She treated my mom so compassionately and it was from the heart, I needed that more than I can express. Courtney came and checked on us even when we were no longer her patient. Courtney is the perfect example of what a nurse should be but more important she is an angel in my opinion. She made our family tragedy a little easier if that’s possible, and I will be eternally grateful for her. If she gets an assignment in Cincinnati, which I hope works out for her, please let her know I will buy her a Costco cake for her very own.”

This story is a true testament to Courtney’s values and her ability to impact others in her career. I am so blessed and thankful to be able to work with someone like Courtney who encompasses all of the principles that the Daisy Award stands for. Her effort to go above and beyond for a patient’s family is proof of who she is a person. This is only one story, but I am confident she has impacted hundreds of families throughout her time as a nurse. As I mentioned before, her humility has prevented her from ever boasting about her outstanding patient care to me. She has made an everlasting impact on the people around her, and for that, she deserves to be recognized for making such a powerful difference in their lives.


Kaitlyn made the trip to award Courtney the DAISY in person at one of Courtney’s favorite local restaurants. Courtney was thankful for the honor, but not as thankful as we are to work with a nurse as wonderful as her. Congratulations, Courtney!

Through our partnership with the DAISY Foundation, Tailored Healthcare Staffing is proud to be one of the few travel nursing agencies who give DAISY Awards.

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