DAISY Award Winner: Donna Jordan BSN, RN

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August 12, 2019
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At Next Travel Nursing, our team of experienced recruiters is thrilled to work with nurses who significantly impact the lives of their patients. That’s why we’re super pumped to announce that Donna Jordan BSN, RN is a recent recipient of The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses! Donna truly embodies the super-human abilities that a DAISY nurse exhibits on a daily basis!

Praise for Donna

The sibling of a patient Donna treated spoke to the life-changing impact she made on her brother. “She was the nurse for my brother while he was a patient in the Blackfeet Community Hospital. She has made such an impact on this life with the care she provided for my brother as his nurse.

“The extra mile Donna goes is certainly felt as well as her compassion for her patients. On the flip side, she is not afraid to crack the whip when need be. My brother had an incident where Donna politely but sternly explained why health-wise, it was unacceptable to break the Doctor’s orders. It was great though because my brother had a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident in 2008 which resulted in memory loss as well as the ability to process new information. Donna provided a lot of information to my brother in regard to diet, exercise and his general health, which has stuck with him today and he continues to follow the advice that Donna provided to him.

“Donna brings a lot of positive energy and always goes the extra mile for her patients, and I am truly thankful for the care she provided my brother. She has saved his life with her advice and I will forever be grateful for that.”

Donna’s colleagues also sang her praises! Their testimonials demonstrate how Donna’s compassionate and caring attitude make her an award-winning nurse.

“Miss Donna is so deserving of this award. It is truly a pleasure to have her as a part of our nursing team, as she brings so much positivity not only to each of her patients, but as well as to all of the staff.”

Donna’s manager also remarked on Donna’s positive impact at the facility:

“Donna has been a great asset to our department. Her skills and assistance to all nursing staff have been awesome. She is always available to help and is very attentive to her patients and their needs. Never had any patients complain, only praise her work.”

Please Join Us in Celebrating Donna

Please join the entire Next Travel Nursing staff in thanking Donna for her life-saving work as a travel nurse! She truly exhibits the clinical skills and compassion that The DAISY Award was intended to honor.

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