Learn How to Become a Travel Nurse

We encourage you to explore the library of Travel Nurse Academy videos below to get the answers you need. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to join the Academy and connect with a THS First-Time Travel Nurse Specialist for help.

About This Course

The Travel Nurse Academy at Tailored Healthcare Staffing is a program designed to answer the questions you have about becoming a travel nurse. It combines educational resources, hands-on support, and career guidance to give RNs the confidence to become successful travel nurses on their very first travel nursing assignment. THS’s First-Time Travel Nurse Specialists stand at the ready to provide honest, helpful, and relevant information for nurses considering a career move.

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What you’ll receive by joining the academy:

  • A welcome packet complete with FAQs, career counseling, and essential travel nursing information
  • Onboarding with a THS First-Time Travel Nurse Specialist
  • Step-by-step timeline breaking down the travel process
  • How-to guide on creating a great travel nurse resume
  • Detailed breakdown of the benefits you can receive as a traveler
  • Job destination advising and housing guides

Course Outline

10 video lessons
Beginner - Intermediate
12min 2sec