What to Expect on Your L&D Travel Nurse Assignment

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June 27, 2017
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First Time Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse?

Embarking on your first Labor and Delivery travel nursing assignment can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s just the reality of starting any new job in an unfamiliar environment. To help you have a better idea of what to expect as a L&D nurse, we turned to a veteran HCTN L&D travel nurse: Lauren!

Here’s what Lauren had to say about Labor and Delivery travel nursing:

HCTN: What should every L&D nurse try to learn when heading out on their first travel assignment?

Lauren: The first thing to know is what roles the L&D nurse and nursery nurse fill on that specific unit. For example, are you the nurse for the delivery or the recovery? And does that include the baby, as well?

The second thing you should know is the acuity of the unit and how many deliveries, on average, are done.

Finally, ask questions about the communication between the staff and doctors. Ask if the unit is LDRP or not, C-section circulating/scrubbing, and what type of charting is done.

HCTN: One thing you wish someone would have told you when you were starting out as a Labor and Delivery travel nurse?

Lauren: Get as many details as possible about what your expected role will be as far as being the nursery nurse and postpartum nurse, along with your L&D role.

HCTN: What is your favorite thing about labor and delivery travel nursing?

Lauren: I love getting to see how other facilities run their labor units and learning new ways of assisting families with the delivery of their newborns.

HCTN: Any final tips or advice for fellow L&D travel nurses?

Lauren: Be flexible and assertive. Make sure to ask questions prior to taking the assignment and once you start. Each unit does things differently; go with the flow and take opportunities to learn new things. Ask about scheduling with the managers there and what they expect as far as making your schedule, not calling you off with low census, and shifts you’ll be expected to work.

Special thanks to Lauren from the entire HCTN team for her willingness to share her experience and advice.

Think travel nursing might be the ideal next step for your career? Simply want to learn more about L&D travel assignments available? Reach out to a HCTN recruiter today to learn more or to get started as a travel nurse.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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