Secure Your Dream Nursery Nurse Travel Job: An In-depth Guide

Secure Your Dream Nursery Nurse Travel Job: An In-depth Guide

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The allure of nursery nursing extends beyond the meaningful interactions you can have helping infants and their families. Coupling this career with the opportunity to travel adds an enriching experience for those who enjoy adaptation and exploration. You might be wondering what this career path entails, how to land your dream job and the strategies for success and growth in the field. This comprehensive guide delves into each of these aspects providing well-rounded insights for the aspiring traveling nursery nurse.

Understanding the Nursery Nurse Travel Job

Nursery nurse travel jobs refer to temporary positions filled by nurses with pediatric expertise who relocate for 13-week assignments across various healthcare facilities nationwide. Traveling nursery nurses, also called travel NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurses, enjoy lucrative salaries, adventures to new destinations, and gaining experience in diverse clinical settings.

As nursing professionals with training focused specifically on caring for newborns and infants, the role of a nursery nurse involves monitoring the health, development, and safety of babies under their care. Their duties range from feeding, bathing, and changing infants to conducting assessments, providing emergency interventions, and educating families on infant health and nutrition.


Definition and Role of a Nursery Nurse

Nursery nurses, also known as neonatal or pediatric nurses, specialize in the field of neonatal care. Their primary responsibility is providing medical care and attention to newborn babies and infants under 12 months old.

The daily tasks of a nursery nurse include:

  • Monitoring vital signs like temperature, breathing, heart rate
  • Feeding and changing babies
  • Bathing infants and assisting with hygiene
  • Administering medications, treatments, and immunizations
  • Documenting patient health information
  • Educating and supporting parents/families
  • Responding quickly to any signs of distress or illness

Nursery nurses need extensive knowledge of neonatal clinical care, development, and potential health issues. Their role is critical in ensuring the wellbeing of vulnerable newborns.

Perks of Working as a Traveling Nursery Nurse

Some advantages of choosing nursery nurse travel jobs include:

  • Higher pay: Travel nurses earn significantly more, with average salaries ranging from $60,000-$100,000 annually.
  • Flexible locations: Nursery nurses can select assignments nationwide based on their location preferences.
  • Adventure and travel: Travel nurses can discover new cities/states while pursuing temporary contracts.
  • Develop skills: Exposure to different patient populations and hospital practices expands clinical expertise.
  • Career advancement: Broad experience makes nurses more marketable for permanent roles.

Additionally, travel jobs come with rich benefits packages, licensing/certification assistance, housing stipends, and referral bonuses. The high compensation and unique experiences make it an appealing career move for nursery nursing professionals.

Prospects and Opportunities in the Nursery Nurse Travel Job

The prospects for nursery nurse travel jobs are very strong, fueled by the growing national shortage of NICU nurses and rising neonatal care needs. Some key trends driving up demand include:

  • Increased rates of premature and high-risk births requiring NICU care
  • Nursing shortages across many states, especially in rural areas
  • High levels of nurse burnout and turnover among staff NICU nurses
  • Retirements of experienced nurses from the Baby Boomer generation
  • Hospitals seeking cost-effective ways to fill gaps in specialty nursing roles

These factors lead to abundant job openings for travel nurses with Level II-IV NICU experience at top children's hospitals and community medical centers nationwide.

Beyond hospitals, opportunities exist with home health agencies, pediatric doctor's offices, and neonatal critical care transport teams. The high salary, temporary commitments, and personalized recruiter matching make nursery nurse travel jobs very popular positions in high demand.

Key Steps in Securing Your Dream Nursery Nurse Travel Job

Successfully landing a rewarding pediatric travel nurse job involves careful preparation across these aspects:

Qualifications and Training Required

To qualify for nursery nurse travel jobs, the minimum requirements are:

  • Graduate from an accredited nursing program
  • Hold an active RN license in your home state
  • Have 2+ years experience in Level II-IV NICU
  • Current BLS, NRP, and STABLE certifications
  • Excellent neonatal critical care skills
  • Strong communication, teamwork, and assessment abilities

Many positions also prefer or require NICU nurses to have a BSN degree, CNOR certification, experience with high-acuity patients, and comfort handling emergencies. Seek additional training to make your application more competitive.

Building Your Resume: Important Skills and Experiences

When constructing your nursing resume, include details highlighting your proficiency in:

  • Ventilator and isolation care
  • Administering anesthesia and IV medications
  • Initiating emergency interventions like CPAP, intubation
  • Caring for critical patients and premies
  • Providing developmental care: feeding, sensory integration
  • Educating new parents on care instructions

Also emphasize previous experience in Level III-IV NICUs, teaching hospitals, and children's hospitals. List any volunteering, leadership roles, or awards relevant to your nursery specialty.

Pursuing Certifications and Licenses: Advancing Your Career

Seeking additional neonatal certifications beyond the minimum requirements can significantly boost your chances of securing a travel nurse job. Some valuable options include:

  • CCRN - Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • CNOR - Certified Nurse Operating Room
  • CPEN - Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse
  • CPN - Certified Pediatric Nurse
  • NIDCAP - Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program

Obtaining multi-state nursing licensure also allows you to accept assignments in different locations without delay. Joining professional organizations like the National Association of Neonatal Nurses also demonstrates your dedication.

The Job Search: Platforms and Agencies for Nursery Nurse Travel Jobs

The leading resources for finding legitimate nursery travel nursing positions are:

  • Online job boards: BluePipes, Health eCareers, ZipRecruiter
  • Professional associations: National Association of Neonatal Nurses job board
  • Social media networks: Facebook travel nurse groups

Reputable recruiters can match you to the best opportunities. Be wary of scams and avoid any companies asking for money upfront.

With deliberate preparation, stellar credentials, and networking, nursery nurses can discover amazing experiences through the in-demand field of pediatric travel nursing across the country.

Ensuring Success and Security in Your Nursery Nurse Travel Job

Taking on a travel nursing job in the nursery or NICU can be an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience caring for newborns while exploring different parts of the country. However, it also comes with unique challenges that nurses should be prepared for. Proper planning and utilizing key resources can set you up for security and success on the job.

Managing the Challenges: Health and Safety as a Traveling Nurse

As a travel nurse, you may be sent to unfamiliar locations and facilities. It's crucial to do thorough research beforehand to identify any health or safety concerns. Look into the area's crime rates, typical weather and natural disaster risks, and accessibility of healthcare. Tour the hospital or clinic and make note of security features, emergency protocols, and the overall environment.

On the job, be vigilant about hand hygiene, disinfecting surfaces, and minimizing your exposure to illnesses. If you begin feeling unwell, don't hesitate to seek medical care right away since you likely won't have an established provider in the area. Keep copies of your medical records with you.

Make sure you have health insurance coverage that applies nationwide. Look into any employee benefits or corporate housing options provided by your travel nursing agency as well.

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Tips for Traveling Nursery Nurses

With constantly changing locations and schedules, maintaining a healthy work-life balance takes some intention as a travel nurse. Try to establish a consistent self-care routine no matter where you're stationed. Allow time for exercise, nutritious meals, and restorative activities like reading or yoga.

Explore your surroundings on days off - this can help you feel grounded in each new community. Stay connected with friends and family back home through regular phone/video calls. Some find it helpful to set a defined timeframe for travel nursing (e.g. one year) before transitioning back to a permanent role.

When scheduling assignments, build in buffer time between contracts to prevent burnout. Saying no to excessive overtime or back-to-back shifts is perfectly acceptable to preserve your wellbeing.

Effective Communication in Diverse Settings: Enhancing Patient Care

As a travel nurse, you'll encounter patients from all walks of life. Strong communication skills are essential for providing compassionate, individualized care.

Adapt your interactions and educational approach based on factors like age, cultural background, language proficiency, and health literacy level. Use an interpreter whenever language barriers exist to ensure instructions are properly understood.

Display empathy and patience when interacting with stressed, anxious, or confused patients and family members. Be an attentive listener, and invite questions. Your demeanor can provide much-needed reassurance.

Foster good working relationships with fellow nurses and support staff. They can help you navigate each facility's unique protocols and processes.

Growing in Your Nursery Nurse Travel Job

Continuing Education and Professional Development Opportunities

Travel nursing provides exposure to cutting-edge technology, innovative practices, and a wide scope of medical cases - take advantage of this to expand your knowledge and skills.

Many hospitals offer CE courses; inquire about availability. Attend facility in-services, and shadow nurses in specialized roles like NICU or lactation consulting. Bring study materials to read during downtime.

Look for national conferences, online seminars, and certifications like Basic Life Support that align with your professional goals. Some travel agencies provide financial support for continuing education.

Networking and Advancing in the Field

As you work in different nurseries across the country, connect with as many experienced nurses as possible. These peers can become mentors offering career advice and letters of recommendation.

Join nursing associations relevant to your specialty - attending local chapter events is a great networking opportunity. Nurse residency programs partnered with travel agencies provide a supportive community.

Consider obtaining specialty certifications like the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC) credential. This can qualify you for more advanced NICU positions. Cross-train and acquire new technical skills whenever possible.

Picturing Your Career Trajectory: From a Nursery Nurse to More Specialized Roles

A few years of travel nursing experience provides a strong foundation to take your career in multiple directions. You'll be equipped for leadership roles like charge nurse or nurse educator, and to transition into specialty units like the NICU, pediatrics, or labor and delivery.

Some nurses pursue graduate education during or after travel nursing. A MSN opens doors to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, or other advanced practice registered nursing role.

Your unique insights into diverse populations, conditions, and care models make you well-suited for administrative positions or consulting. Other options include nursing research, infection control, and patient advocacy.

Travel nursing builds adaptability - a skill that serves you well as you advance professionally. Let each assignment teach you something new to shape your nursing path.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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