What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

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October 24, 2018
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As an experienced RN, you’ve likely worked alongside travel nurses. At a minimum, you’ve probably heard the term surface from time to time. But what does a travel nurse do?

You can find this answer and more in the Travel Nurse Academy from Health Carousel Travel Nursing. As a preview of all this educational resource has to offer RNs interested in learning more about travel nursing—including things like how housing and pay works, where travel nurses go, and more—here’s a sneak peak into the topic “What Does a Travel Nurse Do?”

Hospitals and healthcare systems across the country—particularly in a few concentrated states—are experiencing a shortage in qualified nursing talent. What’s more, that shortage is expected to grow over the next decade. When a hospital or healthcare network has such a shortage and needs to address its staffing issue quickly, one solution the facility or system may consider is the hiring of a short-term contract RN—a travel nurse.

A travel nurse is a temporary, contract employee that is hired at a facility far enough away from his or her permanent residence that it would be unreasonable for the nurse to commute home daily to sleep. This can be in the same state, even, as long as this guideline as met; for example, a nurse who permanently resides in Sacramento, California, could take a travel position in San Diego. Travel nursing assignments typically last 13 weeks, but the length can vary depending on the needs of the host facility or healthcare system.

Nurses choose to travel for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the:

  • Typically-higher pay than an RN could earn in a permanent staff role;
  • Chance to see different regions of the country for 13 weeks at a time;
  • Opportunity to escape current day-to-day hospital politics and drama.

Learn more about life as a travel nurse with the Travel Nurse Academy from Health Carousel Travel Nursing.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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