Travel Nurse Pay: Debunking Four Myths Around $100K Travel Nursing Jobs

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August 21, 2019
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You’re ready to earn six figures as a travel nurse, but aren’t sure what to believe when it comes to the highest paying travel nursing jobs. Travel nurse pay can be confusing but we’ve got you covered. Beware these myths circling around $100,000 travel jobs.

Myth 1: Travel nursing assignments that can earn you $100K annually aren’t really attainable.

The truth: With the help of an experienced travel nursing recruiter, landing a high-paying job is a realistic goal. The key, however, is putting yourself in the best possible situation to fill one of these highly-attractive positions. That means being flexible and jumping quickly on new opportunities.

Myth 2: $100K travel nursing jobs only exist in California.

The truth: This is something we often hear at Health Carousel Travel Nursing, and it’s simply not true. While many $100K assignments are in California, high-paying assignments arise around the country based on the needs (often critical and/or immediate) of healthcare facilities.

Myth 3: Travel nurses targeting six-figure yearly salaries clock long hours.

The truth: Travel nurses with goals of earning $100K or are not typically working more hours than peers who accept other 13-week travel assignments. While opportunities may exist to grow your paycheck by working overtime, this rule is not mutually exclusive.

Myth 4: Only travel nurses with certain specialties can land $100K jobs.

The truth: There are certain specialties that healthcare facilities are in greater need of than others (OR or CVICU, for example), but that doesn’t mean that high-paying opportunities will only appear for nurses with those specialties.      

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