Travel Nurse Pay: 3 Truths About $100K Travel Nursing Jobs

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February 6, 2018
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For many travel nurses, earning a healthy salary is high on the priority list. The allure of high pay (among other perks) draws RNs to travel opportunities, and some set a goal to cross the $100K threshold.

The great news—this goal is within reach.

First, let’s clear the air. $100K jobs (travel assignments completed within 52 weeks that yield a gross salary of $100,000 or more) aren’t realistically available for all nurses. If you want to pursue this type of pay, be sure to take the following into consideration:

Truth #1: Specialty Matters

In many (if not most) cases, $100K assignments are available to select specialties. For example, L&D nurses and cath lab nurses are prime candidates for $100K jobs. This is because these skills are typically more sought after by facilities, which usually means higher pay for the traveler.

Truth #2: Assignment Location Matters

Optimal candidates for $100K travel nursing jobs should be minimally selective about location—you need to be willing to go where the money is. For example, while southern Florida may be your dream destination for a travel assignment, six-figure jobs may be more common in rural areas where it’s more difficult for healthcare facilities to attract nurses. For high-paying jobs, you’ll need to focus more on the dollar amount and less on the locale.

Truth #3: Timing Matters

High-paying travel nursing jobs typically attract a large pool of applicants. To land $100K assignments, candidates need to act quickly (jobs open today likely won’t be there tomorrow). This means working with an experienced recruiter that you trust, and giving him or her the green light to submit you for high-paying jobs as soon as they become available. When pursing $100K assignments, there really isn’t time for indecisiveness.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

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