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August 5, 2015
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According to Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), interest in travel nursing opportunities grew by another three percent at the beginning of this year. Interest had already grown in 2014 and is continuing its upward trajectory. Health Carousel Travel Nursing has witnessed demand for its travel nurses triple in the last year alone. So there’s no mystery surrounding why travel nursing has reached a 20-year high in demand.

In a recent StaffDNA survey that surveyed 2,500 nurses, SIA compiled that top states for travel nursing employment. From the article: “Concentration percentage raised by 4% for the top 5 states, indicating that professionals are interested in work opportunities in coastal locations as the warmer climates approach.”

The top five states for travel nurses right now, according to the survey are:

  • Florida (19%)
  • California (15%)
  •  Texas (13%)
  • New York (12%)
  • North Carolina (10%)

The states are listed next to the percentage of responding nurses of the 2,500 sampled.

The study also illustrated that just over one in five nurses are opting for travel opportunities. Twenty-one percent of the 2,500 surveyed nurses have taken their talents on the road. And with strong growth projections for their services, that number will probably grow.

Of course, if you’re interested in travel nursing opportunities, we have positions both in the top five states listed above and more. Ask to speak with a recruiter for an informal discussion on how travel nursing might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

Interested in how the pay stacks up in other states not on this list? Our trusty Super Nurse sidekicks are standing by to answer any questions you have. Click below to get information on opportunities in other states!

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