Five Must-Have Apps for Travel Nurses on the Apple Watch

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February 24, 2016
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Many Health Carousel Travel Nursing nurses received an Apple Watch last holiday season.  The Apple Watch is still relatively new and many people are unsure of how to use it beyond answering phone calls and telling time. But there are a few useful apps nurses can benefit from by downloading, apps that simply make your day and life easier. With that said, here are five easy apps travel nurses sporting an Apple Watch should download:


Because almost everyone needs a to-do list, Things is a great to-do app for the checklist-minded who like to see themselves accomplishing and closing tasks. The app is defined on Apple’s page:

Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. You’ll get started in no time, entering and organizing your to-dos. You’ll discover how Things truly makes you more productive. And soon you’ll realize that achieving your goals comes more naturally — one to-do at a time.

Apple watch showing Todo


2. Workflow

Travel nurses don’t have enough hours in the day and Workflow is a powerful automated app to compensate. It’s different from Things because it’s not meant to build and monitor an agenda, but to customize your dashboard so that anything you need to do is quickly at your disposal. Workflows connects apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device.

Here’s Workflow’s description from its homepage:

Make your own apps. Launch your workflows more quickly by adding them as their own apps on your home screen. Personalize each workflow by selecting a custom color and icon.

workflows have endless possibilities

3. Dataman Next

Travel nurses need a good data plan. With all the moving around, it can be hard staying connected to a trusted wi-fi source, meaning more data usage. Not only can that result in slower internet service due to data throttling (which providers swear never happens), but there are obvious costs associated with going over your data cap.

Because travel nurses have enough on their plate, this app will monitor your data for you.



4. Avocado

Not every travel nurse gets to travel with their spouse or loved on. Avocado is the couples app that allows couples to stay connected beyond the traditional mediums of communication. For when you can’t Skype – like at work, or other functions – couples can doodle on pictures together, make plans, or even send a smooch!

AVOCADO Apple watch app

5. Quick Fit

Getting to the gym is a hurdle for many travel nurses too busy to make it routine. Quick Fit is a great app to help manage your fitness and ensure you’re getting your daily workout in. The app offers “scientifically proven” seven-minute exercises designed to keep you active and fit. Quick Fit uses high intensity interval training, full body, yoga and more!


workout on Apple watch


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