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Travel nursing is all about adventure, and travel nurses are always on the go from one assignment to the next. Having a smartphone is a game changer to have resources at the tip of your fingers during your travel nursing jobs. Travel nurse apps can allow you to connect with your recruiter, interview for your next contract, or keep track of your scheduled hours without being tied to a desktop computer. Other apps are available to find travel nurse housing, make new friends, get directions, and explore new cities. We created a list of the best travel nurse apps to use when traveling to your next destination and during your travel nursing assignment.


Expert Advice for Helpful Apps

As travel nurses are always on the move, smartphone apps provide easy access to important information and tools they need while on the job. With just a few taps on their phone, they can access educational and organizational tools to manage their work and personal life while on the go. The app store is full of great resources. Nurses are often on the road traveling to their next assignment; here are some of the best apps to help travel nurses stay organized on the road and during their travel nurse assignments.


Possibly the best-known mobile app on this list, Waze is a navigation app —but better. Waze reports information, such as traffic congestion, accidents, road hazards, construction, and police activity. Waze can help you to your destination if you are road-tripping to your next travel nursing contract. Waze is also useful for getting around your new neighborhood. Navigating a new area can be tricky, and rush hour can be a major headache in a large city if you are not prepared. This app will direct you via the quickest route and help keep you on time for your new travel nursing assignment and free-time adventures.

Google Keep

Everyone knows how chaotic moving can be, so keeping lists is a must, especially when moving to a new area with a new job lined up. Our top pick for a list app is Google Keep, a free note-taking app where you can name and keep multiple lists in the app, with checkboxes next to each item to check off as you go. Google Keep is also useful for keeping important information on hand and allows you to save notes in the app. The app automatically backs up to your Google account and any other Keep apps you have on your devices (tablet, laptop, etc.), so if you lose your phone, you can have peace of mind that your information is still on your account. Google Keep is a great tool to help travel nurses stay organized during their travel nursing contracts.


Nurses who work with Health Carousel Travel Nursing have the added advantage of our in-house Travel & Housing department, a team of people who can set up company-paid travel nurse housing or make knowledgeable recommendations if you choose to set up your own accommodations. If you are working with other travel nursing companies or plan on going on overnight trips away from your assignment location, Airbnb allows you to look at and book housing options and vacation rental sites on the app. The app lists apartments and rooms that individuals or families have posted for rent. Many travel nurses find housing arrangements through this app. Airbnb is also an excellent way to begin to meet people in the area outside of work. The owners may be able to point you in the right direction for entertainment and attractions in the area, or you can book an Airbnb experience such as paddle boarding, city tours, or a yoga class.

Gas Buddy

Traveling means many miles on the road and stops at gas stations. Gas Buddy is a location-based app that uses a GPS system to help you find the cheapest gas prices during your travels. This helpful app can save you money on gas by finding the best prices in your current location and during your travels to your travel nursing contracts.


Yelp is a travel and business guide platform. It is the perfect local guide for finding places to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. Community members review businesses and add photos so that you can decide if you want to try a place, experience, or business based on recommendations. Yelp can be useful for travel nurses to help discover activities and places in their new neighborhoods.

Why Apps are Crucial to Travel Nursing Success

Nursing is a time-management-focused profession. Nurses must be efficient and organized to get their job done well. Apps can help travel nurses streamline their duties by providing access to information and tools in one place. There are apps to help nurses stay organized and manage schedules, make to-do lists, and plan travel itineraries.

Apps can also save all your travel nursing documents and licenses in one place on a cloud storage system, making them easily accessible whenever needed.

Informative apps are crucial for travel nurses to be successful. Apps such as Medscape or Eporates are great tools for nurses to look up medications, dosages, drug interactions, and clinical diagnoses. These apps can also be used to print out patient education sheets for teaching.

Travel nurse apps can help nurses stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues while on the go. Nurses can also use social media to communicate with fellow travel nurses for travel nursing job tips. Social media and communication apps can be useful for travel nurses who want to stay in contact with loved ones or to connect with others in a new city.

Additional Tips for Success

In addition to the above apps to help you get organized for your next travel assignment, several apps assist nurses with their daily work duties, schedules, and mental health support. Consider downloading these apps to use as references, for support, and to manage your busy schedule.

  • Medscape makes it easy to look up different medications and their dosages. This app offers medication calculations and a search database for adverse drug combinations. Medscape provides fast and accurate clinical answers. There is also a medical news service feature to stay current on all the latest medical news.
  • Nurse Grid is a scheduling app made by nurses for nurses. You can input your schedule and view it at any time. You can also see who you are working with and message other nurses to see if they can cover your shift if you need the time off. Nurse Grid is a helpful app for managing your schedule and is used by nurses in various travel nursing companies.
  • Epocrates, used by medical clinicians, is a helpful tool for nurses to learn the most current safety, diagnostic, and treatment information in one place. The app allows you to look up infectious diseases by name or system, access empiric, and specific treatment recommendations, and identify the appropriate antibacterial, antiviral, or antiparasitic agent needed. While nurses won’t be diagnosing patients or writing prescriptions, Eporates is a great tool to stay educated, verify information, and provide patient teaching. There are valuable features, including medication information, interaction checks, pill identification, formulary, and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
  • Talkspace is a therapy app perfect for nurses seeking mental health support. You fill out a brief assessment, list your preferences, and are matched with licensed mental health providers specializing in your various therapy or psychiatry needs. Talk space is a convenient option for travel nurses who need the flexibility of not committing to a therapist located in one specific place. There are options for messaging, video, and phone call appointments to meet your needs and comfort level.

How Health Carousel Travel Nursing Can Help You

While your Health Carousel Travel Nursing recruiter will be your BFF throughout your travel experience, getting the most out of technology when on assignment is also helpful.

Our recruiters can help walk you through our On Demand app, a travel nurse job database with access to many high-paying travel nursing assignments. Save time by managing your credentialing documents and job applications all in one place. You can upload and save your travel nursing documents and travel nursing licenses so that they are readily available. On Demand allows you to view travel nursing jobs, including pay and facility, and set up job alerts based on your preferences so that you never miss an opportunity. You can also receive personalized recommendations for travel nursing contracts based on your information such as preferences and experience.

Want more helpful travel nursing job tips? Talk to a specialty-focused recruiter at Health Carousel Travel Nursing today! Ask about access to Life Mart, a discount program for big purchases and everyday life essentials, available via mobile app for all HCTN travel nursing contract nurses. Health Carousel Travel Nursing supports  you with the tools you need for a successful travel nursing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nurses use apps to help them with their clinical practice?

Absolutely! Apps such as Medscape and Eporates are very useful for nurses to look up information on medical diagnoses, medication information, and correct dosage. You can also search for drug interactions to make sure medications are compatible. There is even information included that you can print out to use for patient education. Nurses can’t know everything, and having useful tools like apps can enhance your travel nursing career.

I want to be a travel nurse but am afraid to move away from my therapist, what can I do?

Nursing can be a stressful profession and mental health support is essential for those responsible for caring for others. Consider asking your therapist if they are willing to hold virtual visits or use apps like Talk space, where you can access mental health providers wherever you are. There is no fee to switch providers, so you can try a few out until you find a therapist that you are comfortable with. Having mental support is reassuring when considering where your next travel nurse assignment will be.

How do I find and download the apps?

The above apps can be found in various app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, depending if you are an iPhone or Android user. Travel nurses can search for the apps by typing the names directly into the app store or search for other useful apps by typing in keywords related to their travel needs.


Lauren Rivera is a nationally certified neonatal intensive care nurse with over 15 years of experience. She serves as a nurse expert offering support and educational classes for women from preconception through childhood. Lauren is also a freelance health and wellness writer with works published on several nursing sites. She develops and curates content for various healthcare companies, and writes continuing education modules for other healthcare professionals.


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