8 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Travel Nurse

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March 4, 2022
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Travel nurses currently have a reputation of cashing in on high pay rates and it's common to see them flaunting their earnings on social media. Still, what can travel nurses do to make even more money while on assignment?

How to Boost  your Income during a Travel Assignment

Pick Up Extra Shifts

Cash in on that overtime pay!

Sometimes, travel nurses are able to sign up for overtime. This is something that can be negotiated with your travel agency. Remember that overtime is paid at a time and a half.  So if your hourly rate is $50, that would increase to $75 an hour! This also applies to specific holidays.

Refer a friend

Take advantage of bonuses!

Some nurse travel agencies will offer bonuses for referring a friend. Therefore, now might be the time to turn a fellow nurse friend into a travel nurse or reach out to old nursing school classmates.

Accept Assignment Extensions

Make your assignment work in your favor!

What if your assignment asks you to stay an extra month? Take advantage of extensions and make yourself available for this option. An extra week or more could increase your overall earnings per assignment.

Invest In The Stock Market

Make your money work for you!

Investing sounds more complicated than it actually is and can be done from virtually anywhere. The stock market is constantly fluctuating, but changes can be continuously monitored from anywhere with the internet. With investments, it is important to start sooner than later. The stock market doesn't require a minimum amount, so invest as much or as little as you would like and then sit back and watch your money grow.


Show everyone where you're at!

Everyone has a favorite YouTuber. If you don't, you have seen at least one YouTube video in your lifetime. There is a lot of talk about how much money you can earn as a YouTuber, but knowing the facts can be more difficult. It's estimated that a vlogger with at least one million subscribers can earn around $57,200 a year. Some travel nurse vloggers post about their work destinations and experiences.


Turn your words into cash!  

I think we have all stumbled upon bloggers that claim they earn up to seven figures a year. Whether that’s always true or not, blogging is an excellent way to earn extra income. At the same time, it's flexible enough to work on when you’re available during a travel assignment. Essentially, you get to be your own boss.

Freelance Writing

Earn money in your pajamas!

Freelance writing is how many blogs, health websites, and other online platforms get their written content. Travel nurses have a great deal of medical experience and knowledge on how to educate using "layman's" terms. There are many niches in the writing world, so pick one that fits best and roll with it. All you will need is your laptop.  

Tutoring Services

Educate others for extra income!

There are nursing students in nearly every town. Especially with the current shortage, nursing schools are aiming to push out as many nurses as possible. Tutoring can be a simple way to earn extra money as a travel nurse, as it’s flexible and can be done around your schedule. Tutoring can even be offered through online platforms.

There are many creative ways to earn extra money while on a travel nurse assignment. Travel nurses are resourceful, intelligent, and adaptable to change and diversity. A travel nurse who sets their mind to earning more income during a travel assignment will find a way to do so.

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