Recruiting Team
Luke Bohardt

Luke Bohardt

Nurse Recruiter

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What do you do for travelers that you feel is completely unique to you?

What is your favorite thing about working with travelers?

They are so outgoing and funny while keeping people alive all at once.

What is your most valuable advice for the travelers you work with?

Why are you passionate about this industry?

I've worked in the medical field for about 10 years and nurses truly are the backbone of hospitals and deserve so much more than they get credit for. I've always admired their hard work and dedication to their patients.

Where did you grow up?

What are your favorite places to travel?

What's on your travel wishlist

Tell us about your family or pets

Wife, dog, and baby on the way.

What's your favorite food?

What is your favorite pump-up song?

What's your all-time favorite hobby?