Recruiting Team
Anthony Yannacey

Anthony Yannacey

Nurse Recruiter

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The fulfillment of having a nurse tell you that you assisted them in changing the course of their life due the new job or sometimes DREAM job they were looking for.

What do you do for travelers that you feel is completely unique to you?

Really trying to create a no pressure type atmosphere at the beginning and allowing them to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

What is your favorite thing about working with travelers?

The endless stories and experiences they share with you while out on assignment. Many places I've never ventured to before to its very interesting to learn about different parts of the country through your nurses perspective.

What is your most valuable advice for the travelers you work with?

Communication with your recruiter is KEY - Good or bad news, simply communicate and things will always be easier.

Why are you passionate about this industry?

My sister, who is a RN and a traveler with me actually here in Ohio is the reason i continue to do what i do. I try to treat every traveler is if it was my sister out on assignment.

Where did you grow up?

Youngstown, Ohio in my early years before moving up to Delaware, Ohio.

What are your favorite places to travel?

THE BEACH - Sand, Ocean, Palm Trees is all I need to be happy. Ohio is perfect for that.....

What's on your travel wishlist

Italy would be number one destination for sure.

Tell us about your family or pets

I live with my girlfriend Bobbie and our two puppers named Ned (Bull Mastiff) and Jed ( English Bulldog) They pretty much control my life outside of work!

What's your favorite food?

Pizza of any kind - Unless there is pineapple on it, Miss me with that!

What is your favorite pump-up song?

Eminem - Lose Yourself

What's your all-time favorite hobby?

Easily Golf. Not any good but being outside on a beautiful course anywhere is perfectly fine with me.