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Health Carousel Travel Nursing
March 18, 2020
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2020 is the year of the nurse — but it’s not just a celebration. It’s a reminder of what the most important part of our American healthcare system is capable of. 

How Are We Addressing the Coronavirus?

We are in the midst of a pandemic in America. At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, our first priority is you, the nurse. We know that you will be tested over the coming weeks. We know that it will take all of your experience, training, and abilities to care for the patients that are ill with this virus. We will be here for you to make sure that you are receiving the care that you need while you’re on assignment, or give you the best opportunity while looking for your next assignment. We provide best in class benefits in healthcare, recruiter support, and bonuses for nurses who set aside their personal lives to answer the call to save lives.

How Can You Help?

As a nurse, you’re equipped to make the biggest impact in the lives of people affected by COVID-19. Not only will more patients require care, but nurses working in heavily affected areas may be quarantined and become unable to work. That’s where you come in — by traveling to heavily affected areas, you can make a huge difference in the lives of COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers who are being stretched thin. 

If you’re interested in making a difference by saving lives in COVID-19 affected areas, start a chat with one of our online recruiters in our chat window, or view our job board to see open Coronavirus positions at Health Carousel Travel Nursing. Let’s work together to flatten the curve and support working nurses across the U.S.

If you can help us find other nurses willing to answer the call, we will also pay you and the nurse a referral bonus.

For more information how Coronavirus affects healthcare workers like nurses, click here to read the CDC’s FAQ on COVID-19 and click here to view the CDC’s information for Healthcare Professionals about COVID-19.

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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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