Winter Blues? 6 Warm-weather Travel Nursing Destinations to Consider

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December 4, 2017
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Below-freezing temperatures, traffic jams caused by ice, and snow up to your knees—ah, winter. If you’re a nurse who’s ready to trade in cold weather and gray skies for some sunshine and warmth, working as a traveler may be the solution you’re looking for.

While the palm trees of Florida and Hawaii may immediately jump to mind as you daydream about a warm-weather travel nursing assignment, there are many great locales that can offer the reprise from winter you need. Here we dive into six great options to consider when lining up your next travel job.


Summers in Arizona can be quite hot, but if you’re looking for comfortable winter temps, it may serve as the perfect destination. In Phoenix, residents usually see average highs of 68° F in the winter, with lows rarely dipping below 47° F.  No matter where you are in the state, you’ll be treated to views of beautiful mountains and unique vegetation. Try going on a hike in one of Arizona’s many state parks, or enjoy some of the other outdoor activities the region has to offer.


A massive state with a host of activities year-round, California’s winter weather can’t be beat. Travel nurse assignments that land you in the southern part of the state will welcome you with beach trips galore, while Northern California’s redwood forests make for breathtaking day trips. If you’re aiming for a warmer location, try focusing on SoCal, possibly near Los Angeles or San Diego.


Though it may not immediately leap to mind, Georgia is a great getaway during colder months. The Peach State’s capital caters to sightseers, so on days off be sure to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or take a tour of the CNN television studio. Temperatures here range from 50° to 70° in the wintertime, making it a mild oasis.


The natural beauty of the American Southwest is magnificent. You might find that it’s one of your favorite travel assignment locales yet, as New Mexico offers caves, mountains, sand dunes, and more to explore. Pack your shorts for this trip, as temperatures in New Mexico can hit the high 70s even in winter.


Rich in history, South Carolina should be on every travel nurse’s wish list. Colorful homes, expansive plantations, and miles of coastline offer recreation for individuals of every walk of life. Enjoy a warm day of shopping or learn about Civil War history during a tour. You might even see a winter day that tops 80° F.


Rounding out the list is Alabama, another state that’s rich with history. Take your pick of tours, whether it’s the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham or the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Gorgeous parks and wildlife areas make this state a must-visit during your travel nurse rotations. In the southern city of Mobile, the average high for January is 61° F.

If you’re ready to escape the cold and enjoy time in one of these six warm-weather states, contact an experienced state-specific recruiter at Health Carousel Travel Nursing today.

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