Why Happiness Is Key to the Health of a Travel Nurse

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August 2, 2017
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The American Nurses Association’s “Year of the Healthy Nurse” campaign continues on with August’s theme of “Happiness” and how it impacts health. In accordance with the ANA’s promotion of healthy nurses, let’s examine how a career in travel nursing can lead to increased happiness.


While it’s great to feel happy and to have contentment within yourself, being truly happy and satisfied in your career can lead to a host of other benefits. Research shows that when you’re happy at your job, it often translates into increased productivity, more satisfaction, and the motivation to go above and beyond your daily duties.

In many cases, nurse happiness (or lack of it) is reflected in the care provided. While we all aim to limit the impact our emotions have on our ability to perform our job well, a positive disposition (typically a trait of a happy nurse) can help patients to feel more comfortable in a medical environment.


In some situations, nursing careers can lead to frustration and burnout, and the passion individuals once had when they began their work fades away. The concept of new and exciting changes every 13 weeks or so is a huge factor that can impact happiness within the travel nursing industry. Imagine getting to experience new healthcare facilities and working with new people on a regular basis—this refreshing pace is one of the things that draws many to travel nursing.

Others also find happiness in a travel nursing position because they get to fulfill their passion for exploring the country while still remaining employed. Rather than taking several vacations throughout the year to satisfy an itch to travel, this type of position combines the best of both worlds. Venturing into new cities and embracing various cultures and experiences brings a high level of happiness to travel nurses.

Long-lasting friendships are often a happy byproduct of travel nursing, as well. Many travel nurses have said they met their best friend or even their spouse while on an assignment across the country.


There are strong links between happiness and one’s longevity. Travel nurses have the opportunity to change locations and assignments roughly every four months; there’s a different level of commitment and expectation that comes with traveling compared to a staff nurse position.

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