Why Become a Travel Nurse?

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January 15, 2017
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Why do RN’s become travel nurses Super Nurses?

Many super heroes didn’t choose their way of life. Peter Parker never asked to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Bruce Banner didn’t plan on being caught in a gamma bomb, and Barry Allen became the Flash by standing next to an open window during a thunder storm.

But unlike these heroes, becoming a Super Nurse is a choice, and one nurses like you make for a variety of reasons. There’s no standard profile that neatly fits why becoming a travel nurse works. But as a travel nursing company, we’ve met and worked with hundreds of travel nurses. And with over 10 years experience in this business, we’ve heard the many reasons why nurses finally decide to level up and unlock their super power.

The following are the most common reasons nurses become Super Nurses:

Travel Nursing Offers Higher Pay

It’s no secret. Travel Nurses can make more per hour than full-time nurses. It is not uncommon for Travel Nurses that are focused on high-paying assignments and are eager to work extra hours to earn around $100,000, but location and nursing specialty play a huge role when it comes to pay.

Super Nurses may make less in popular urban areas because the demand for skilled nurses isn’t as high. Conversely, pay can be a lot higher in rural, less populated areas to attract talent. And it’s not all about hourly wages either. Travel nursing per diems for housing, meals and incidentals must also be considered.

Whether it’s company housing or, as Health Carousel Travel Nursin suggests, per diems, Super Nurses can pocket much more of their compensation package. Veteran Super Nurses who are experienced enough to know precisely what they want out of an assignment will often skimp on cozy housing for bare necessities, boosting their take-home pay significantly. That obviously differs by nurse. The beauty of travel nursing lies in the breadth of choice Super Nurses have to carve out their own agenda.

Travel Nursing Offers Flexibility

Most travel nursing contracts are 13 weeks. Living life 13 weeks at a time keeps things fresh and interesting, ensuring a change of scenery just before things get routine. Many traditional staff nurses get caught up in the day-to-day politics of a hospital setting, but when you’re travel nursing, hospital politics have little to do with you. And because of an enormous demand for travel nurses – the highest in 20 years – travel nurses have a ton of options. No matter where your adventure takes you, there are more than likely numerous openings.

Travel with Loved Ones

A common misconception is that travel nursing can get lonely. But it rarely is. Almost every agency allows Super Nurses to travel with pets and significant others. HCTN leverages its housing connections to ensure Super Nurses can bring loved ones along. Good agencies will employ knowledgeable travel and housing coordinators who know how to help you secure the housing you need. Furthermore, most facilities don’t use just one Super Nurse at a time, but several. So it’s easy to make new friends as your colleagues are likely to be travel nurses seeking new friendships as well.

Super Nurses See the Country

It’s in the name. Super Nurses get an unrivaled opportunity to explore the country and get compensated well for doing so. Full-time staff nurses can obviously take vacations, but the beauty of travel nursing is the ability to literally be paid for traveling! Want to see the Grand Canyon? Itching to get to California and explore the coast? Maybe venture south and experience Texas? If you’re travel nursing, you don’t need to request vacation months in advance. You can experience these places while on assignment. The experiences at your disposal are endless.

Super Nurses Have Killer Resumes

Travel nursing introduces nurses to a plethora of nursing opportunities. By broadening their range of experiences, Super Nurses can build powerful resumes that are sure to impress nursing managers if and when they decide to take a permanent role. And opportunities aren’t relegated to just hospitals – there are skilled nursing facilities, clinics, schools and home health agencies! This speaks to the point about flexibility – it is unrivaled choice, unprecedented autonomy for nurses who literally control their own career trajectory.

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