Ways to Workout on Your Next Travel Assignment

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May 16, 2022
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Maintaining an exercise routine can be challenging as a travel nurse. Making time to workout when you have to learn a new hospital system may seem daunting, especially when you are already busy and unfamiliar with the area. 

Exercising can help lower your stress levels, improve sleep, meet new people, and stay motivated. The following tips will help you stay committed to a healthy lifestyle while on your next travel assignment. 

Employee Wellness

Check to see if your new healthcare facility offers an on-site gym for employees and squeeze in a workout before or after your shift. 

Healthcare systems often offer fitness benefits. Ask your new coworkers or management if there are discounted memberships available at a local gym for hospital employees. Health insurance plans sometimes offer fitness benefits, reach out to your agent or recruiter to see what is offered in the area. 

Local Gym Memberships

Check with a few gyms in your new neighborhood to see if they offer day passes, first responder discounts, or temporary memberships. 

If you already belong to a fitness club, ask if you can utilize your membership in other locations. LA fitness members have access to any of their gyms across the United States. Extra membership fees may apply. Anytime Fitness members have access to any of their gyms worldwide. They are open 24 hours which is very convenient for shift workers. The YMCA offers access nationwide to their members as well and participates in employee wellness progams. CrossFit gyms usually have a drop in fee, making it easy to work out while traveling. 

Consider using ClassPass, a monthly membership that allows users to access more than 8,000 fitness studios across the United States, as well as several other countries. You can take as many classes as you like and visit the same studio up to three times each month.

If you are staying in an apartment complex, inquire if they have a fitness center available for residents and short term renters. 

At Home Workouts

If you prefer to work out in private, or do not have the time in between shifts to go a gym, consider working out at home. 

You can buy basic workout equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, or a jump rope. Your at home work out can be as simple as doing a circuit with the equipment and adding in pushups, planks, situps, and squats. 

If you need some guidance for working out at home there are various apps to choose from:

  • Youtube videos ( HIIT workouts, zumba, yoga, cardio)
  • Peloton app
  • Workout for women
  • Daily Burn
  • Workout Trainer
  • MyFItness                                        

Exercise Outside

One of the best ways to get acquainted with a new location is to get out and explore. You can get your workout in by going for a walk around the neighborhood, finding a hiking trail, or going for a run. 

Ask your new coworkers if there are any sports offered in the area like soccer or softball at a local park. You can also rent a bicycle for a day or see if they have monthly rates available. Having access to a gym, fitness studio, or a consistent at home workout routine will help you stay on top of your fitness goals while traveling. 

HCTN wants you to remain healthy during your travel assignment. Reach out to your travel nurse recruiter for more tips about working out on your next assignment.


Lauren Rivera is a nationally certified neonatal intensive care nurse with over 15 years of experience. She serves as a nurse expert offering support and educational classes for women and their families from preconception through childhood. Lauren is also a freelance writer with works published on several nursing sites. She develops and curates content for various healthcare companies, and writes continuing education modules for other healthcare professionals.

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