Exploring Opportunities in Vascular Tech Travel Roles

Exploring Opportunities in Vascular Tech Travel Roles

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Pursuing your dream career while traveling isn't something out of reach anymore. For allied health professionals who want to put their education and passion to good use while seeing new areas of the United States, looking into travel assignments with allied health staffing agencies like Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health can change your life. As a vascular tech, finding travel positions that can help you pursue your career is easier than ever. With support from us along the way, you could be on your way to a long and fulfilling career as a travel vascular tech.

Vascular Tech Travel Jobs

Vascular tech travel jobs are unique opportunities if you're yearning for career advancement and personal growth. These jobs typically involve traveling to healthcare facilities across the United States, where the services of skilled vascular technologists are in demand. As a traveler-nominated top 10 allied health staffing agency, we provide assistance to allied health professionals and help them land their dream roles across the nation.

These assignments span 13 weeks, though the time frame can be tailored based on the needs of the healthcare facility and the personal preferences of the vascular technologist. Flexibility and adaptability are essential as you might be working in different healthcare settings with varied patient demographics.

Vascular tech travel jobs come with attractive benefits that often include a higher pay rate than staff vascular techs, housing and travel stipends, comprehensive health benefits, and 401(k) savings options. These roles offer a balanced mix of professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Role of a Travel Vascular Technologist

Vascular techs, also known as CVOR techs, handle procedures surrounding the vascular system. A travel vascular technologist, much like a permanent staff vascular technologist, is responsible for conducting vascular examinations that provide doctors with the critical information they need to diagnose a patient. They examine and diagnose conditions related to blood vessels using specialized equipment.

During your day, you'll use ultrasound equipment to carry out non-invasive examinations like carotid duplex ultrasonography, upper and lower extremity arterial and venous examinations, dialysis access graft and fistula evaluations, and abdominal visceral vascular studies.

A CVOR tech is often responsible for explaining complex procedures to the patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and fully understand whatever there is to know about their condition. Their ability to relay complex information in a way they understand plays a crucial role in alleviating patient anxiety and promoting cooperative patient behavior.

Travel vascular techs also monitor the patients throughout the procedure, taking note of any changes and correlating the data with the initial diagnostic findings. This vigilant approach contributes significantly to the overall patient care experience, promoting quick recovery and improved health outcomes.


The Advantages of Travel Vascular Tech Roles

Choosing to start a career as a travel vascular tech over a staff one might feel like a difficult choice. There's a lot to love about pursuing a travel vascular tech role over a staff position. Some of these advantages of taking travel vascular technologist jobs:

  • Unique Experiences: Traveling vascular techs get to explore the United States while working at diverse medical facilities, experiencing regional differences in patient care, and expanding their professional network.
  • Higher Pay: Travel CVOR techs often earn a higher salary than staff vascular techs.
  • Flexibility: Travel CVOR techs have more command over their work-life balance as they choose how often they want to travel and for how long.
  • Professional Growth: Working in various healthcare environments paves the way for broadened skills, thereby boosting their professional growth.

How a Vascular Tech Contributes to Patient Care

Vascular techs play a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating patients with heart disease. Using advanced imaging technology, this allied health professional captures detailed images of the heart and blood vessels. These images guide physicians in diagnosing coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, heart valve problems, and vascular issues.

The role of these technologists involves preparing the patient for cardiac catheterization procedures, monitoring vital signs, administering medications, and observing patients' responses to treatment. Consequentially, they play an integral role in providing patient care, right from initial diagnosis to full recovery.

These technologists not only impact patient care with their technical acumen, but they also add value by providing reassurance and clear communication to patients, enhancing the overall patient experience. As a travel cardiovascular interventional technologist, your professional expertise, coupled with your adaptability, serves as a valuable addition to any healthcare team.

How You Can Launch Your Dream Career in Vascular Technology

Becoming a travel vascular tech is similar to becoming a staff one. The only difference is utilizing an allied health staffing agency, like Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health, to help you find the right travel jobs that will help grow your career.

Education Requirements for Vascular Techs

The main education requirement to become a vascular tech is to earn your degree in vascular sonography. There are a lot of different accredited programs available, so you should be able to find one that works with your schedule and personal needs. You can choose to get an associate's or a bachelor's degree, but a bachelor's degree tends to be more appealing to employers.

The Competitive Advantage of Certification

Certifications are the best way to give yourself a competitive edge in the allied health field. Possessing the right credentials, like a technician certificate in vascular technology, can give you a competitive edge. This certification showcases your professional skills and dedication, setting you apart from other candidates.

The best certification you can pursue as a vascular tech is a Registered Vascular Tech (RVT). Not all employers require vascular techs to become an RVT, but it's beneficial whether required or not. You can also benefit from more general healthcare certifications like Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS).

A technician certificate in vascular technology can be beneficial in:

  • Garnering preference during the hiring process for vascular tech travel jobs
  • Command a better pay rate as certified individuals are often more sought-after
  • Opportunities for career advancement and stability due to the respect and credibility the certification brings

What Makes a Vascular Tech Travel Role Unique?

Vascular Tech Travel jobs offer a unique set of benefits for allied health professionals, creating an unparalleled way to practice healthcare. These travel roles allow vascular technologists to expand their professional skill set while simultaneously navigating across different healthcare landscapes throughout the United States. This experience provides prospects for continuous learning, letting vascular techs enhance their competency beyond the conventional healthcare setting.

You're not only getting an opportunity to serve diverse communities but also enrich your personal experiences. The unique culture, lifestyle, and the chance to explore distinctive culinary, geographical, and historical aspects of different U.S. states add an exciting spin to your everyday life.

Pay Rate for Travel Vascular Techs

Another factor that makes travel vascular tech roles unique is the pay rate. Travel positions generally pay more than staff positions, making them more appealing to many people. While you can't know 100% how much you'll be paid as a travel vascular tech without looking at specific job postings, the average staff vascular tech makes $50 an hour. Knowing the average staff vascular tech's hourly rate, you can assume that in a travel position, you'll make around that or, more than likely, more than that.

Not all travel assignments pay the same. There are a few things that will influence how much you'll earn for each travel assignment, including:

  • Location: Areas with a higher cost of living will pay travel vascular techs more than areas with a low cost of living.
  • Experience: The more experience you have as a vascular tech, the more your pay will be in many cases.

How a Vascular Technician Contributes to Allied Health

These skilled allied health professionals play a pivotal role in the healthcare system, specializing in the assessment of blood flow and circulation within a patient's body. Without vascular techs, it would be difficult to catch many life-threatening diseases early.

The intricate precision of their work helps in the early detection of life-threatening conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, peripheral artery disease, and strokes. They perform non-invasive tests, using advanced equipment and technology to capture accurate images of the blood vessels.

They interpret these images and present their findings to the medical team, ensuring that the patient's circulatory health is maintained to an optimal level. Their meticulous work contributes significantly to the improvement of the patient's health outcomes, making them indispensable in allied health.

Travel vascular techs are valuable to any health system because the work they do is a key component in treating patients.

How Vascular Technicians Contribute to the Goals of an Allied Health Team

Their specialized expertise in interpreting diagnostic test results, combined with their ability to work cooperatively with other medical personnel, makes them an integral part of any allied health team. Here's how they contribute:

  • They assist doctors in diagnosing vascular diseases early on, paving the way for effective treatment strategies.
  • Their direct patient interaction skills help in maintaining a patient-friendly environment, building patient trust, and ensuring optimum patient cooperation.
  • Their ability to interpret complex vascular images aids physicians in making accurate diagnoses, ensuring the provision of quality healthcare.

Travel vascular technicians not only enhance patient care but also facilitate improved teamwork among the healthcare team, contributing to the overall goals of allied health.

Jumpstart Your Vascular Tech Travel Career With Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health

As a traveler-nominated top 10 allied health staffing agency, Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health strives to help travel vascular techs and other allied health professionals start and continue their dream careers. We have recruiters who will find specific travel jobs that match your education, experience, and aspirations.

Partnering with us means you'll have a supportive ally throughout your travel vascular tech career. We have an abundance of benefits designed to help you succeed and build your career, such as:

  • Tailored job postings that align with your education, experience, and aspirations
  • A Full Circle of Support
  • Support from a QIN-Led Team
  • Competitive pay rates
  • Comprehensive health and wellness plans

Are you ready to see where your career as a travel vascular tech can take you? Check out On Demand, our powerful web app, where you can search and apply for vascular tech travel jobs nationwide.


How much do vascular technologists make in the US?

In the United States, the salary for vascular technologists varies depending on factors such as experience, location, and employer. This field also offers career growth opportunities that can lead to higher earning potential.

What does a vascular technologist do?

A vascular technologist is a specialized healthcare professional who uses imaging technology to assess and diagnose conditions related to blood vessels. They perform non-invasive tests, such as ultrasounds, to help detect blockages, abnormalities, or diseases within veins and arteries. Their work is crucial in guiding the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with vascular conditions, working closely with physicians to deliver targeted care.

Is being a travel vascular tech worth it?

Becoming a travel vascular tech can be a highly rewarding career path for those interested in the allied health field, offering unique opportunities and benefits. It allows for the exploration of various healthcare settings and locations, providing diverse experiences and the chance to work with different patients and professionals. With competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and the adventure of travel, it can be an attractive option for those looking for a dynamic career in healthcare.

Can you earn six figures as a travel vascular tech?

Yes, it is possible to earn a six-figure salary as a travel vascular technologist. The combination of the demand for specialized healthcare services, such as those provided by vascular techs, and the added premiums for travel positions can lead to relatively high earning potential. Factors such as experience, certifications, and the specific needs and locations of assignments can further increase earning opportunities, making it feasible for some travel vascular techs to achieve salaries in the six-figure range. That being said, this isn't common due to techs wanting to take time off in between travel assignments.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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