#TravelTuesday – San Antonio Style!

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November 25, 2014
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Welcome to San Antonio, Texas, where locals and tourists alike enjoy a fantastic mix of modern and historical charm. There is a little something for everyone here in San Antonio, and lucky for you, we’ve got clients there looking for  travel nurses!

Interested in learning more about San Antonio? Keep reading below. 

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

At least such is the mentality here in the U.S. We drive across town or fly a few states away to gather with the whole extended family. But we often forget that, for some, the journey “home” is too costly and for others, home might mean some place new and far from those we love.

We can imagine this sentiment rings true with many of our travel nurses, who may not get the chance to go home for the holidays. Feeling comfortable in a temporary place and trying to make it feel like home can be a daunting task! I have found that the best way to go about it is to mix what we are used to at home with what makes a city feel like home to us.

The Food

First things first, FOOD! One of the hardest things to adjust to in a new part of the country, whether visiting or relocating, is getting used to the different styles of food. Luckily, the a big city like San Antonio is a veritable melting pot of cultures so you can find just about any type of food you might want. Looking for your staple comfort food fast? You can easily pop into any fast food restaurant.

Breakfast: In the morning, hit up your local Starbucks (pretty  much on every corner,) for pastries and necessary coffee on your way into work. Have a little extra time? Head over to Halcyon for coffee cocktails and toasty table-side s’mores!

Lunch: One thing I love about travelling to San Antonio is I can get Schlotsky’s sandwiches for lunch! Although they are a chain restaurant, we don’t have many in the midwest, and these sandwiches will blow your mind!

Dinner: By far the BEST place to find food in San Antonio is the Riverwalk. Rita’s on the River does Tex Mex and margarita’s with delicious flair that will keep you coming back for more! Which is okay, because when you’re finished, you can meander down the scenic walkway along the river and visit some of the shops.

A little more towards the airport is a little Italian restaurant called Dough. Really it only requires a one word name because it’s food speaks for itself. House-pulled fresh mozzarella, (called burrata) sits atop a warm napoletana-style flatbread, pizzas are adorned with truly unique ingredients like squash blossoms, and cocoa-dusted tiramisu will transport you to a sugary state of bliss.

The Sights

Last time I was in San Antonio, I was lucky enough to have a friend in town who was full of fun facts about the area and gave me some great historical facts about the city and surrounding areas, informing me that San Antonio is one of the few cities in Texas that has really preserved its history. It is really is a city for all types. The history buff will find the old missions and the Alamo to be quite stimulating; the nature explorer can get their kicks on the trails at Brackenridge Park or discover the animals at the San Antonio Zoo; and finally, people of all shapes and sizes can take in the sites on the scenic River Walk as they are serenaded by live Mariachi bands and enjoy classic Tex-Mex cuisine at Rita’s On The River.

The Extras

There are some things we don’t always think about when relocating, for example: Grocery stores. Grocery stores vary across the states, we have very few open air markets and we have an abundance of super-markets. Big name stores like Kroger, Festival, Walmart, and Costco are pretty standard in each city but my personal favorite is Target. At Target, you can find anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen food, canned food, fresh bread, meats, and cheeses. You can also get clothing, music, movies, books, toys, furniture, etc. It is a one-stop shop for anything you could need which is why I make sure to find the nearest one whenever I travel.

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