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October 13, 2015
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Ever considered nursing jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio?

This Travel Tuesday we’re going in a little bit of a different direction and welcoming you to Cincinnati, Ohio – the City of Seven Hills, the big city with the feel of a small town and the home of our headquarters office located in a restored Firehouse.

Top Food

Cincinnati Chili – No, Cincinnati Chili is not a restaurant, it is a signature dish that can be found at any Cincinnati Chili restaurant in the City: Skyline, Gold Star, and several mom-and-pop places. Cinci chili is a must-have when visiting Cincinnait but here is what I tell all Cincinnati-Chili newbies: It is not the same dish as regular chili. You have to look at it as a completely different entity. Instead of being tomato based, Cinci Chili is meat based. The flavor is savory and spice-filled (not heat spice, flavor-spice).The chili is served atop spaghetti noodles and topped with a heaping pile of shredded cheese. This is traditionally called a 3-way. A 4-way can be created by adding either kidney beans or onions, and a 5-way would contain both. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, add a chili cheese coney to your order with mustard and onions! Cincinnatians, travelers, and often foreigners alike all rave about it and once you try it, you’ll understand why!

Montgomery Inn – A Cincinnati institution in its own right, Montgomery Inn is one of Cincinnati’s greatest known barbecue joints with a mouthwatering signature BBQ sauce and house-made Saratoga chips that’ll have you reaching for more!

Graeters – This Cincinnati ice cream staple is so in-demand that they have expanded to selling pints in grocery stores all over the country and are even opening a retail store in downtown Chicago! All of Graeter’s ice creams are incredible but their signature black raspberry chip is known for chocolate chunks of epic proportions! They will also ship to any of the fifty states.

Top Entertainment

King’s Island – Previously known as Paramount’s Kings Island, this amusement park boasts some of the world’s greatest (and most intense) roller coasters as well as being home to Happy Land Hanna-Barbera. The park also houses many other rides and attractions, including a water park! It is a popular spot for not only family outings, but company outings like P&G Day, where Procter and Gamble employees can bring their family for all the food and fun! In the fall and winter, the parks closes but is reopened for Halloween Haunt (formerly known as Fear Fest) featuring haunted houses, seasonal foods, mazes, and live shows.

Newport – Thought Newport on the Levee is technically on the Kentucky side of the river, most Cincinnatians will claim it as their own and part of the tri-state area. Newport houses great shopping and amazing restaurants but also one of Cincinnati’s most beloved attractions, the Newport Aquarium!

Cincinnati Brew Bus – Most people may think of Milwaukee as brew-town USA but Cincinnati is ready to give them a run for their money with several large micro-breweries scattered across the city. The Cincinnati Bew Bus gives you the perfect chance to experience them all from Christian Moerlein and Rhinegeist, to Rock Bottom and Fifty West, this bus trip is certainly NOT like a school field trip! They even give you a giant pretzel necklace to wear – and eat – along the way!

Top Adventures

Loveland Bike Trail – The Loveland Bike Trail is one of Cincinnati’s most-loved outdoor adventures as part of a 70 mile paved trail through Cincinnati, much of which is covered! Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or hard-core training, the bike trail is a beautiful and easy place to spend some outdoor time!

Segway of Cincinnati Tours – Yep, that’s right, we went there. Segway tours, as silly as they sound, are a great way to tour Cincinnati and learn its history without killing your feet!

Findlay Market:  Cincinnati has one of the greatest markets around. If its nice outside – head downtown to Findlay market in OTR on the weekends for a traditional farmer’s market with a twist! Not only does the market have your standard fresh produce stands but inside is an assortment of local restaurants just waiting to tickle your taste-buds! From waffles to-go, egg rolls, and BBQ to gourmet pastries, pizza, and gyros, Findlay market is sure to satisfy any craving!

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