Traveling With Your (Non-nursing) Significant Other on a Travel Nursing Assignment

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January 14, 2020
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Working as a travel nurse can be highly rewarding while bringing a long list of benefits, but what happens if you have a significant other? Though maintaining relationships working as a travel nurse can be a little more complex than as a permanent nurse close to home, many travel nurses are choosing to bring their SO with them out on the road. It can be a great way to strengthen bonds while enjoying new experiences in various places throughout the country.

Bringing your S.O. with you probably brings up a few questions as well: what can they do while you’re on the job to stay busy, and how might they be able to help you out while you’re busy working? Depending on the situation, there are several ways your significant other can get just as much out of your travel assignment as you do.


If your income from travel nursing is enough to cover your experiences and requirements to maintain a certain lifestyle, your S.O. may be able to simply provide support to you, making your life much easier. It can be extremely valuable to have someone there at your side, taking command of logistics like moving while you focus on transitioning to a new assignment. They can help by driving you to the facility and setting up life at home. Since they aren’t working, they can take on more chores like housework, shopping, paying the bills, and more. That takes loads of stress off so that you can concentrate on your career.


If your S.O. wants to work and/or you could use the extra income, there are plenty of part-time gigs to consider that are ideal for a temporary or longer-term basis. For example, they can walk dogs by signing up through dog-walking apps like Rover or Wag. Or perhaps they can drive for Uber or make food deliveries through Postmates. With these types of jobs, it’s easy to transfer to different locations, when you decide to head to an assignment in another location.

Another option is for your S.O. to sign up with temporary agencies, finding jobs through staffing companies on a temporary basis which can be ideal for situations where you’ll only be in a destination for 13 weeks. As every city needs hospitality workers such as bartenders, wait staff, chefs, etc. there are usually plenty of part-time jobs in the industry available that can be worked short- or long-term.


Depending on your S.O.’s profession, he or she may be able to work from home, perhaps freelancing online. Many people these days can make a great living by doing freelance work through websites like Upwork which hire for a wide range of professions, from web programming and tech support to writers, editors, designers and more.


If your S.O. has always wanted to go back to school and complete or continue their education, now is the perfect time. Online classes are extremely popular and can be taken no matter where you land your travel nursing assignment. It’s usually possible to find courses in classroom settings that run for periods of 13 weeks or less too.


Consider talking over all these possibilities with your significant other if you’re thinking of taking a travel nursing assignment and can’t bear the thought of living without them. And if you’re looking for expert advice, reach out to our recruiters at Health Carousel Travel Nursing. They’ve placed nurses across the country, and will be happy to figure out how to get the best assignment for you.

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