Travel Nursing Health Insurance: 5 Things to Consider

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May 23, 2018
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As a registered nurse, you spend your days taking care of others. It’s important to take care of yourself, too! If you’re thinking about getting into travel nursing, make sure you secure an excellent benefits package that includes medical insurance from day one.

Healthcare can be costly, whether it’s an annual wellness exam, urgent care visit, or emergency surgery. This cost is why good health insurance is one of the must-have benefits when you take any new job—arguably even more so for a travel nurse. When you’re traveling the country, it’s good to know that you can keep up on preventative care, get the prescription drugs you need, and obtain urgent care or emergency care if a serious illness or injury strikes.

Here are five things every RN should consider before taking a travel nurse assignment:

1. When do health benefits start?

From your very first day on the job, you need to have health insurance. No probation period, no waiting. And because you could take a job anywhere in the country, you want to be sure the insurance is widely accepted. If you work with Health Carousel Travel Nursing, the coverage is first-rate. From day one of your assignment, we provide coverage to our travelers.

2. What are the premiums and co-pays?

Health insurance helps you pay for doctor visits, prescription drugs, and preventative screenings. Rates and co-pays can vary greatly depending on your insurance plan. Our carrier negotiates competitive rates to keep your co-pays and premiums as low as possible.

3. Is dental or vision insurance included?

What happens if you have a dental emergency on the road or need new glasses?  Dental and vision insurance are extras that not every company offers. Our benefits for travel nurses include optional dental and vision insurance.

4. How good is the coverage for prescription meds?

When you’re a travel nurse, the last thing you want to hassle with is medication issues for yourself or a family member. Most placement agencies offer prescription drug coverage through the health plan, but your out-of-pocket costs may be pretty high. Our plan ensures your prescription drug co-pays are competitively priced.

5. Do you get coverage between jobs?

The time between travel gigs is a great opportunity to schedule doctor visits and preventative care appointments for you and your family. However, make sure you understand what a travel nurse company’s policy is before you accept an assignment. At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, your benefits end the last day of your assignment unless you extend your assignment or re-sign and start a new assignment within 28 days.

As a travel nurse, you need to be healthy and happy wherever you are. At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, our health insurance coverage will help you to feel your best.

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