Ultimate Guide to Travel Nurse Agencies That Pay for Housing

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Travel nurses often have to find temporary housing while on assignments. Luckily, some travel nurse agencies provide housing options as part of their employment package. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of provided housing, understand housing stipends, and discuss various housing options for travel nurses. We'll also look at leading travel nurse agencies that offer housing and how to find these agencies.

Benefits of Company Provided Housing for Travel Nurses

The Advantages of Free Private Housing

Travel nurses often work under challenging circumstances and the importance of providing a comfortable and secure living space cannot be overstated. Many travel nursing companies offer free private housing as a part of their compensation package, making it an attractive option for healthcare workers considering a career in this field. As housing costs continue to rise, the prospect of saving money on living expenses can be a significant incentive for travel nurses accepting a travel assignment.

Free private housing not only saves travel nurses money but also reduces the time and effort spent looking for suitable housing options. Travel nursing companies often have connections with property owners and can offer safe and comfortable accommodations that meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals. Additionally, these housing options are often conveniently located close to the hospital or medical facility where the travel nurse will be working.

Since agency housing departments take care of furnishing and utility set-up, travel nurses can feel at home immediately upon arrival without having to worry about unpacking and organizing their living space. Free private housing also offers healthcare workers the opportunity to live alone or with their families if desired, providing a level of privacy and comfort that might not be possible with other housing options.

Understanding Housing Stipends

A travel nurse housing stipend is a fixed amount of money that is provided by the travel nursing company as part of the compensation package. For nurses who prefer to make their own housing arrangements, having a housing stipend can be an attractive alternative to the rigid housing options often provided by travel nursing agencies.

Some healthcare professionals may prefer to stay with friends or relatives, while others may choose to explore vacation rentals or other housing alternatives. By receiving a housing stipend, travel nurses have the freedom to choose their accommodations and tailor their living arrangements to better suit their individual needs and preferences.

However, it is essential that travel nurses understand the implications of using a housing stipend. It is the nurse’s responsibility to find, secure, and finance their housing, and the additional demands of this process can sometimes prove to be more time-consuming and stressful than anticipated. It is also important to consider any tax implications associated with receiving a housing stipend, as the tax treatment of these payments may vary depending on each individual’s situation.

Reducing Stress with Friendly Housing Options

Friendly housing options are accommodations that cater to the unique needs of travel nurses. As healthcare professionals who are often on-call and work long hours, travel nurses have specific requirements when it comes to housing options. These may include flexible lease terms, proximity to healthcare facilities, and quiet and secure neighborhoods.

To reduce stress and improve their overall well-being, many travel nurses look for housing options that provide a peaceful and supportive living environment. This may include vacation rentals, extended-stay hotels, or even luxury apartments that offer amenities like fitness facilities and pools.

Travel nursing companies that prioritize housing solutions are particularly valuable, as they understand the stresses and strains of the profession and demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of life for their healthcare workers. By offering friendly housing options, these companies demonstrate that they value and support the well-being of their nurses, which can translate to increased job satisfaction and better patient care in the long term.

Travel Nurse Housing Solutions by Leading Agencies

Housing Options with Top Travel Nursing Agencies

Top travel nursing agencies recognize the importance of providing suitable housing solutions for their nurses and invest in dedicated housing departments to ensure their comfort and safety. Housing options provided by these agencies vary, but may include:

  • Company-provided free-private housing
  • Company-arranged shared housing
  • Encouragement and guidance for utilizing travel nurse housing stipends
  • Resources and partnerships with reputable vacation rental companies and extended-stay hotels

In cases when agencies do not provide a housing department, resources such as agency housing department listings, social media groups, mobile apps, and travel nursing websites can help travel nurses find suitable housing arrangements. By spending time researching and utilizing these resources, travel nurses can find the housing solution that meets their specific requirements and preferences.

Finding Travel Nurse Agencies with Provided Housing

While searching for the perfect travel nursing agency, it is essential to review their housing policies, as well as assess whether they have a dedicated housing department. By selecting an agency that offers travel nurse agency housing or guidance on using travel nurse housing stipends, healthcare professionals can ensure their living conditions will provide them with comfort and stability during their travel assignment.

One way to determine which companies are committed to offering suitable housing is to read reviews from current or former employees. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the level of support provided by the agency, the quality of the housing options, and overall satisfaction with the living arrangements. Additionally, reaching out to fellow travel nurses in online forums or social media groups can provide firsthand information on which companies offer the best housing solutions.

Ultimately, securing comfortable and stress-free accommodations is essential for travel nurses to achieve work-life balance and provide quality care to their patients. By understanding the benefits of company-provided housing, considering housing stipends, and evaluating the housing policies of various travel nursing agencies, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions about their housing options to ensure a positive travel nursing experience.

Types of Housing Options for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is an exciting career that provides healthcare professionals the opportunity to explore new locations and gain diverse experiences. As travel nurses often work short-term contracts, finding appropriate and comfortable housing can be an essential aspect of a successful assignment. Fortunately, travel nursing companies, agency housing departments, and property owners have recognized the unique needs of travel nurses and offer a variety of accommodating housing options.

Furnished Bedroom Apartments for Travel Nurses

Furnished apartments are a popular choice for travel nurses seeking housing during their assignments. These apartments typically come equipped with all the necessary furniture, appliances, and amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Travel nurse agency housing departments often work closely with property owners and leasing agents to find fully furnished apartments tailored to their travel nurse housing requirements. This housing option allows healthcare workers to focus on their job rather than worry about finding their accommodation.

Opting for a furnished apartment may also include additional benefits like access to apartment amenities such as a gym, pool, or business center. When considering a furnished apartment, travel nurses should consult with their travel nursing company to ensure that the property meets their specific needs and preferences. It's essential to discuss important factors such as rental cost, nearby amenities, commute time, pet policies, and parking availability. Some travel nursing companies may even offer a housing stipend to cover some or all the rental costs for such apartments.

Short-Term Rentals for Travel Assignments

Vacation rentals have become an increasingly popular housing option for travel nurses as well. Websites like Airbnb and VRBO offer a wide range of short-term rental options, from private rooms to entire houses or apartments. These rental platforms provide an alternative to traditional travel nurse housing provided by the agency housing department. Healthcare professionals can browse available properties and choose a rental that best suits their personal preferences and budget.

Short-term vacation rentals often come furnished, allowing travel nurses to settle in quickly and comfortably. In addition to the general convenience and flexibility, booking a short-term rental also allows healthcare workers to immerse themselves in their new community, as many of these rentals are located in residential neighborhoods. When considering a vacation rental, it's essential for travel nurses to communicate with property owners about their travel nursing contract, as some may offer discounted rates or special arrangements tailored to healthcare professionals.

Navigating Travel Nurse-Friendly Housing Communities

As travel nurses often work on a temporary basis, finding housing in travel nurse-friendly communities can provide significant benefits. These communities are usually located near medical facilities, offering convenient access to work, public transportation, and other necessary amenities. Some housing communities have even partnered with travel nursing agencies to offer exclusive housing options and deals for healthcare workers on assignment.

These special arrangements can range from discounted pricing to waived application fees or flexible lease terms that coincide with the duration of a travel nurse's contract. Agency housing departments, as well as travel nursing companies, frequently have connections to travel nurse-friendly communities and can help healthcare professionals find an appropriate place to stay. By staying in these communities, travel nurses can also connect with other healthcare professionals, forming valuable social and support networks throughout their assignment.

In conclusion, travel nurses have various housing options available to them, including furnished apartments, short-term rentals, and travel nurse-friendly communities. By working with their travel nursing company and agency housing department, healthcare workers can find suitable accommodations that meet their specific needs and preferences. Whether it's choosing a furnished apartment with all the necessary amenities or embracing a local experience with a vacation rental, finding the right housing solution can significantly contribute to a successful and enjoyable travel nursing assignment.


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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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