The Significance of Joint Commission Certification

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
October 27, 2016
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Health Carousel Travel Nursing has achieved The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare staffing services. The award signifies that HCTN is in compliance with all of the standards, performance measurement requirements and participation certification requirements set forth by The Joint Commission. To better understand why Joint Commission is so important, we will detail the different requirements and associated benefits.

The Joint Commission’s certification for healthcare staffing services provides an extensive, unbiased evaluation of an agency’s ability to provide proficient staffing services. Benefits of certification include:

  • Proof that an organization commits to providing a higher standard of service.
  • A strict framework for organizational structure and management.
  • Greater access to jobs – some facilities work exclusively with Joint Commissioned certified agencies.

Healthcare staffing agencies are evaluated to determine if they comply with The Joint Commission’s standards. The process for certification begins with a scheduled onsite evaluation. To maintain certification, agencies also receive an unscheduled audit every other year. The purpose of these assessments is to establish an organization’s commitment to providing exceptional staffing services and to review performance, continued education, training, placement criteria and other developmental areas. An agency is evaluated based on the following four areas:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Advancement

Information Management
Joint Commission certified agencies, and agencies seeking certification, must send monthly records to the Joint Commission on a quarterly basis. These measurements must include:

  • Do Not Return Rate for Clinical Reasons
  • Do Not Return Rate for Professional Reasons
  • Integrity of Personnel File

Quality records for Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing services Agencies are available to the public. These reports are found on The Joint Commission’s website; they can be accessed by searching for an agency’s name.

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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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