The Qualities Travel Nurses Need From Their Recruiters

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August 5, 2021
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Travel nursing is a specialized field and requires a certain mindset to embark on a career where you’re constantly on the road. That said, it’s important to have a good relationship with your recruiter. They are helping shape your path to your assignments - no matter if it’s your first assignment or 50th.

What makes a good recruiter? Well, it takes more than just placing the travel nurse in the right assignments.

Here are the qualities travel nurses should look for in their recruiters.


Communication is probably at the top of the list when it comes to recruiter qualities. When you think you’ve communicated enough, send another message - just to be safe. In fact, over communicate. Your travel nurse needs to be in the know about everything.

In some cases, they’re already overwhelmed, especially if they’re just starting out, and feeling anxious. They need help with information on locations. More importantly, they need assistance with all of the forms, taxes and licenses they’ll need to fill out and apply for.

You can’t treat your travel nurse like a number. You need to treat her like the super hero that they are. They’re putting their career in your hands, and need support and not feel alone.


Make sure you’re honest when you communicate with your travel nurse. There’s no time for games. Like the saying goes, “Give it to me straight, Doc.” 

They need to know if the assignments and locations are a good fit for them. Don’t sugarcoat the location if it won’t be a good fit - like if the hospital has a reputation for treating travel nurses poorly. Make sure they are aware of the details:

  • Benefits
  • Shifts
  • Compensation

As we all know, honesty is not a one way street. If you’re the travel nurse, you need to tell your recruiter exactly what you’re looking for. If your recruiter asks what you’re looking for in a location, don’t just tell them anywhere. Be sure to tell your recruiter your preferred locations, shifts, and your compensation requirements. Be as detailed as possible.

Your recruiter can only help you so much and aren’t members of the Psychic Friends Network. If you’re both honest with each other, you’ll enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.


As a recruiter, one of your great abilities will be availability. Travel nurses are in unfamiliar territory, and for a while, you might be their only point of contact.

Travel nurses, especially newer ones, need to know you’re there for them. However, as seasoned as they are, your availability is still integral. Make sure your phone, email is always on and be sure to check your text messages. Your super nurses may even flash their version of the bat signal in the sky. Answer their call and be their superhero.

While you don’t need to be on 24hrs, be cognizant of their time zone and their shift and be as accommodating as possible. You’ll need to solve any issues they’re having on location and be their support system.

Be proactive and check in to see how things are going. Don’t wait until they contact you, because at that point, issues may be out of hand. Get to know your travel nurse, especially how they like to be contacted. Certain age groups prefer specific contact methods.

If you don’t have an answer to a question, it goes back to honesty, let them know and be sure to get the answers.


As the proverb says, “Patience is a virtue”. You need to act with your ears and be sure to listen to all of your nurse’s concerns, feedback and preferences.  Active listening is just as important as divulging information and answering.

When you reply, your tone of voice will tell the nurse everything. They’ll sense that you are just rushing them off the phone. Provide reassurance to your nurse and be patient.


If you can’t show any type of kindness or empathy, maybe recruiting isn’t your thing. Travel nurses are putting a lot of faith and trust in you, and want to find someone they can connect with.

Be kind in your responses and show empathy if they are having a rough go on an assignment. Plus, the kinder you are, the more likely your travel nurse will refer their colleagues to you.

You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Be their trusted sidekick.

Our super nurse recruiters are ready to guide you through the process of landing your dream assignments and maximize your worthwhile advancing your career. They understand what you do, your challenges, and the best way to achieve success. Meet our team of recruiters and get in touch with us today. We allow you to focus on being a super nurse, while we take care of the rest.

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