September Travel Nurse of the Month: Kelli

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
October 27, 2016
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Health Carousel Travel Nursing believes that nurses are crucial to the healthcare industry. We recognize one of our nurses every month in an effort to show our appreciation. We want all of our nurses to know how valuable they are because they truly are amazing! We believe in recognizing those who work so hard to serve others. It is why we have our Nurse of the Month spotlight awards! Kelli is our September Travel Nurse of the Month!

Kelli has completed nine (9) travel assignments with us. When Kelli is not traveling with us, she spends a significant amount of time providing healthcare in other countries. She has spent a year working in Saudi Arabia, she previously traveled to Haiti, and she is currently in Peru. Ultimately, Kelli’s number one priority will always be patient care. Her actions on assignment exemplify her commitment to this philosophy. When Kelli enters a healthcare facility, her first question is, “How can I help?

Kelli’s recruiter, Cindi Greene, was able to provide more details about Kelli and her exceptional work ethic: “It is a blessing to not only have Kelli an outstanding traveler for Health Carousel Travel Nursing, but it is a blessing to have her as a friend, as well.” Cindi has made it clear that Kelli is the “go-to nurse” for new travelers.

Kelli is always available to provide guidance to other travelers because she believes in being an advocate for other nurses. Kelli also gave us her essential tips for new travelers:

- Keep a binder with all of your documentation in it, so when you need to submit info to your agency/assignment, it’s readily available.
- Continuing with documentation, download a scanning app on your phone because it is much easier than trying to find a scanner or fax machine.
- ALWAYS communicate with your recruiter. They need the input, so they can better assist you. Not only does this help build a relationship, but if an issue arises, they can resolve it quicker on your behalf.
- “Remember it’s only 13 weeks… You can do anything for 39 shifts.”
- Pack lite. You can always buy additional items, and you will be surprised at how little you need.
- Lastly, enjoy the adventure!

Not only is Kelli dedicated to her patients, but she is also passionate about helping other travel nurses. Kelli, we want to thank you for your hard work, and for being such an incredible partner. We are confident that you will continue to excel in your career, and we are privileged to be a part of it.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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