Registered Nurse Tops Hottest Jobs in 2016

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December 9, 2015
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In what should come as no surprise, the demand for nurses will carry right into the new year. According to recent research from CareerBuilder, in partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists International, registered nurses are still widely in-demand, more than any other profession in the study. The research is comprised of occupations where the amount of job advertisements that companies post monthly outnumber the amount of people they actually hire.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson says the data should allow companies to evaluate their talent deficits and recruitment strategy. He told Staffing Industry Analyst:

The availability of jobs across industries underscores the need for companies to evaluate where their talent deficits are and become more strategic about how they fill these needs — whether that means re-skilling their current workers, offering higher salaries to attract workers, or using data analytics to target talent with the right skills.

And according to the research, CNO’s and other hospital administration face the biggest challenge. Registered nurses sit atop the top-five occupations that require a college education and have the largest gap between job openings and hires. The top five are:

  1. Registered nurses
  2. Software developers, applications
  3. Marketing managers
  4. Sales managers
  5. Medical and health services managers


This analysis uses EMSI’s labor market database, which pulls from over 90 national and state employment resources. CareerBuilder and EMSI looked at the average number of people hired per month in more than 700 occupations from January 2015 to September 2015 and compared that to the number of job postings for each occupation (aggregated from online job sites for the same period).

If you’re a registered nurse, you have opportunities all over the country. Many full-time nurses are facing bad working conditions due to poor nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. The lack of improvement has driven many nurses out of the industry. But there is an alternative.

The demand for travel nursing has reached a 20-year high. Nurses tired of a bad full-time situation can look elsewhere, anywhere really. Travel nurses not only experience higher job satisfaction, but on average they make more annually than full-time RN’s.

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