October Travel Nurse of the Month: Tara

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October 19, 2017
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Each month, the recruiting team at Health Carousel Travel Nursing takes time to recognize the incredible work of our travel nurses—and to celebrate one such nurse with our Travel Nurse of the Month award! For October 2017, we have a very special winner—someone who not only excels as a nurse in the facility, but in her community, as well.

Earlier this year, Tara was on her way home from her assigned facility in Pennsylvania when she noticed a roll-over accident on the side of Interstate 81. An SUV involved in the accident had caught fire, and Tara, acting as the true nurse hero she is, helped to get a woman trapped in the vehicle out of the crash. The victim had suffered a serious head injury; Tara cared for the woman for 30 minutes until EMS arrived at the scene.

Since this act of bravery took place, the state police have presented Tara with a certificate of accreditation.

Here’s what her recruiter Gary Noecker had to say about Tara:

Tara is on her second extension for this travel assignment, and after high praise and remarks from her supervisors, we are currently working on getting her third extension only four weeks into her current one. Tara has by far been one of the best RNs I have had the pleasure to work with, and I look forward to being her recruiter for many more assignments in the future. She is a “type A” person—always quick to respond when needed and swift to adhere to any compliance department needs—and has connected me with several other strong RN candidates who are interested in travel nursing and working with us. Tara is receiving an award for her bravery, courage, and for truly going above and beyond the role and duties of a registered nurse both in and out of the hospital.

Please join the entire Health Carousel Travel Nursing team in thanking Tara for her outstanding service to both her facility and community.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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