National Patient Safety Awareness Week: How Nurses Save the Day (Again)

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April 26, 2017
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With National Patient Safety Awareness Week here, we have to take a minute just to ask ourselves: what would happen if we didn’t have our travel nurses?

Too often, nurses are the unsung heroes in any medical rescue. It is nurses who watch over their patients day by day. Without nurses, who will check and update patient records, administer medication, administer vital tests, and take care of basically every other duty under the sun? Yet day after day, nurses bear their duties with superhuman dignity.

Still, it’s becoming apparent that we should finally shine light into the nurse’s heroism; both the romantic travel nurses who dash to fill in wherever they’re most urgently needed and the steady RN who takes care of all the patients who come under their wing. The fact is, without recognition, nursing shortage continues to grow and threaten our society’s quality of patient care.

We are often told that nursing is a good industry to go into because the shortage means more opportunities, but the truth is RN’s have to combat a lot of enemies because of this, including stress, long hours, injuries, and general job dissatisfaction and low morale, which can cause medical errors. Nurse burnout is the arch-nemesis of nurses in general, and like the scariest of enemies, it’s something which comes from ourselves.

And while there are plenty of tips on how to manage stress and avoid burnout, we think that there is one thing society can do in general to give back to our unsung heroes. It is simply to give appreciation.

At HCTN, we believe it’s beyond high time that we showed more appreciation for our nurses. After all, is there anything more humanitarian than a nurse who sets aside their personal life to travel across the country providing care to the patients most in need? We don’t think so, and we never have, which is precisely why we love and value our Super Nurses so much. We want to give our heartfelt appreciation back to you.

If you’re willing to answer the call to become a Super Nurse, to travel across the lands from crowded cities to sparely populated rural areas and enhance patient safety everywhere, do it with HCTN, your faithful sidekick who values what you’re doing and wants to give you the best benefits and safety to help aid your journey.

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