5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid as a Med-Surg Travel Nurse

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December 31, 2019
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When applying to medical-surgical travel nurse jobs, one of the first things a recruiter will ask you to do is to provide an updated resume. While you likely will say, “Sure, no problem,” we understand if you’re silently contemplating the last time you updated—or even looked at—your resume. Where is it saved again? I know it’s on a USB thumb-drive somewhere…

Whether you regularly polish your resume or are pretty certain CV is shorthand for “cardiovascular,” (it’s actually curriculum vitae in the context of job applications), this article is for you! At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, our team of med-surg RN recruiters understand that you’re busy and want to help ensure your resume has that extra polish it needs to put you at the top of the applicant list. Here are five common resume mistakes we see travel nurse applicants (not just med-surg, of course) make we submitting to a new job.

1. Overlapping Work History

This is a biggie, and could get your resume tossed out even if you’re a well-qualified med-surg RN. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common mistakes we see, often due to an easy-to-fix typo. Be sure to check that all of your work history start and end dates properly align—and then check again!

2. Lack of Prior Facility Details

Your experience is your most valuable (and most marketable) asset when it comes to travel nursing applications. It’s not enough, however, to just list the facility you worked at (or currently work at) alongside the dates. Giving the evaluation some context can help move the needle in a big way. For each job experience item you include, add a few key points such as total beds at the facility, the trauma level, the number of beds on your unit, and whether or not it was a teaching facility.

3. Lack of Job Experience Details

Similar to the aforementioned point, simply listing that you worked as a med-surg nurse at Example Hospital from this date to that date won’t be a major attention grabber. For each job held, write a few sentences that describe what you did at that facility or any notable things about your work there that you are especially proud of. This should go beyond, “Provided great care to patients.” Make sure they notice you for the amazing nurse you are!

4. EMR Skills Not Included

Technology know-how in hospitals is becoming ever more important each year. However, this is something Health Carousel Travel Nursing recruiters must often ask travel nurses to provide after first viewing their resume. By including this on your resume from the start, you can expedite the submittal process and demonstrate your EMR chops to potential travel nurse host facilities.

5. Certifications and Licenses Not Listed Clearly

This is something we frequently see among med-surg nurses who have worked in one state their entire career. While this section of your resume is simple and straightforward, it’s very easy to forget one or two certifications you may hold. Even if you don’t think a license or certification is relevant to the med-surg job for which you’re being submitted, include it on your resume anyway—you never know what additional positives will help you stand out from other applicants.

6. Permanent Address Not Provided

If you’re an experienced med-surg travel nurse who has been away from your legal permanent residence for quite some time, this may be an easy oversight. However, it’s very important for your Health Carousel Travel Nursing recruiter to have this information, as it will be needed during the submittal process.

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