LPN Travel Nursing Jobs: Expand Your Horizons and Skills

LPN Travel Nursing Jobs: Expand Your Horizons and Skills

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Expand your practice and knowledge as a nurse by exploring LPN travel jobs. An enriching and diverse way to grow professionally and personally, these dynamic roles offer numerous opportunities for travel-loving nurses. Whether you're interested in learning about what LPN travel jobs entail or are seeking tips to secure these roles, this article provides an extensive overview. We delve into an introduction of LPN travel jobs, advantages associated with them, the process of securing these positions, understanding the role and responsibilities, and addressing potential challenges. Additionally, we provide a final reflection on the long-term career prospects and potential for growth in LPN travel jobs.

Introduction to LPN Travel Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) in some states, play a vital role in providing hands-on patient care in various healthcare settings. LPNs work under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs) and doctors, assisting with basic nursing tasks like monitoring vitals, changing dressings, and bathing patients.

LPN travel jobs allow nurses to take temporary assignments around the country while earning great pay and benefits. The high demand for LPNs makes travel nursing an attractive option.


What is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

LPNs are entry-level nurses who undergo 1-2 years of training to provide basic patient care. They take vital signs, change wound dressings, insert catheters, track intake and output, and help patients with activities of daily living.

LPNs must graduate from an accredited nursing program and pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exam. They work under RNs and doctors to implement care plans. With further education, LPNs can advance their careers to become RNs.

Defining LPN Travel Jobs

LPN travel nursing involves taking temporary contract assignments (usually 13 weeks) at healthcare facilities around the country. Jobs may be in hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes, or other settings.

Travel LPNs help fill gaps in staffing at different locations, earning premium pay while gaining experience working with diverse populations and conditions. Assignments can be extended or nurses can move to new facilities.

Benefits of Choosing LPN Travel Jobs

There are many advantages of LPN travel jobs over permanent positions:

  • Higher pay - Travel LPNs earn $1500-$3000 per week depending on the job and location.
  • Flexibility - Nurses can choose assignments in attractive locations and decline offers.
  • Adventure - Traveling for work allows nurses to explore new places around the U.S.
  • Gain experience - Working at different facilities expands clinical knowledge and skills.
  • Independence - Travel nurses live independently and make their own schedules.

With high demand nationwide, LPN travel jobs offer the chance to make great money while enjoying an exciting lifestyle.

Advantages of Being an LPN Travel Nurse

Opportunity to Explore New Places

One of the best perks of LPN travel jobs is the chance to explore different cities and states across America. Nurses can hand pick assignments in locations they've always wanted to visit.

From the sunny beaches of California to the mountain ski towns of Colorado, travel nurses experience the beauty of the U.S. while getting paid. Many travel companies offer bonuses for taking less desirable locations too.

Chance to Enhance Nursing Skills

Working at multiple healthcare facilities allows LPNs to develop a wider range of clinical skills. They will encounter different types of patients, conditions, medications, equipment and procedures. This diversity makes them more adaptable nurses.

LPNs can also take on leadership roles and training opportunities at travel jobs that may not be available at permanent staff positions. This broadened knowledge enhances their nursing practice.

Improved Work/Life Balance

Travel nursing often offers more control over scheduling than staff jobs. Nurses can choose assignments with ideal shifts and blocks of time off in between contracts. This flexibility helps create a better work/life balance.

Many LPNs become travel nurses specifically for the chance to work for a period of time and then take weeks off for vacations, continuing education, or personal matters before their next assignment.

How to Secure LPN Travel Jobs

Necessary Qualifications and Certifications

To qualify for LPN travel positions, nurses must:

  • Hold an active LPN license
  • Have 1+ years recent acute care experience (hospital preferred)
  • Be willing to travel to assignments across the U.S.
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Pass a background check and drug test

Having certifications like BLS/CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc. can make candidates more competitive. Some assignments require specific certs or skills like ventilator care, chemotherapy administration or dialysis experience.

Utilizing Reputable Traveling Nurse Agencies

Find the best LPN job opportunities in On Demand, our powerful web app. We have relationships with facilities nationwide.

Reputable agencies will help match nurses to ideal assignments based on their skills, experience, location preferences and benefits. They negotiate pay packages and handle credentialing, travel logistics, housing, and more.

Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

To get hired for the top LPN travel jobs, nurses can:

  • Have an updated resume focusing on clinical skills
  • Obtain references from recent supervisors
  • Interview professionally and communicate promptly
  • Be open to different locations and shifts
  • Research the facilities and job details
  • Highlight training, certifications and flexibility

Applying early and engaging recruiters increases chances of securing the best travel nursing assignments.

LPN travel jobs provide exciting opportunities to expand nursing knowledge and earn excellent pay while experiencing the adventure of travel around the U.S. Following these tips can help secure rewarding travel nurse assignments.

The Role and Responsibilities of an LPN Travel Nurse

LPN travel nurses take on a unique and fulfilling role within the nursing profession. As a licensed practical nurse (LPN), they have completed the education programs and licensing examination required by their state's licensing board and met any specific requirements to obtain a nursing license. With this foundation, LPNs provide basic patient care under the direction of an RN or physician.

When an LPN chooses to become a travel nurse, they take on short-term nursing assignments in locations across the country. Travel nurses work through staffing agencies that connect them with medical facilities in need. Each assignment typically lasts 8-26 weeks. The temporary nature of the work allows LPN travel nurses to gain experience in diverse settings with high levels of independence and earn extra income.

Typical Work Environments and Settings

LPN travel nurses have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including:

  • Hospitals - ERs, ICUs, NICUs, pediatrics, oncology, etc.
  • Clinics - family medicine, urgent care, dialysis, etc.
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities
  • Assisted living facilities and group homes
  • Doctors' offices and private practices
  • Schools and community health programs

The most common facilities seeking travel LPNs are hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers. For example, a dialysis travel LPN may be needed to fill a staffing gap and provide hemodialysis care.

Common Nursing Duties and Patient Care

As a licensed practical nurse, typical duties include:

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Assisting doctors and registered nurses with procedures
  • Educating patients on health management
  • Providing basic daily patient care

LPN travel nurses perform the same patient care duties and have a similar scope of practice to traditional staff LPNs. The main difference is adapting to a new facility's policies and procedures with each assignment.

Understanding the Temporary Nature of Travel Nursing

It's important for prospective LPN travel nurses to understand the temporary contract-based nature of the work. Each assignment at a facility will have a set start and end date, usually lasting 8-26 weeks. This allows the flexibility to experience different locations and healthcare settings. However, it requires being comfortable with frequent transitions.

Challenges and Solutions Associated with LPN Travel Jobs

While travel nursing provides exceptional experiences, there are unique challenges to consider:

Dealing with Potential Feelings of Loneliness

Frequent moves and working in new environments can lead to loneliness. Maintaining connection is key. Solutions include:

  • Arranging regular check-ins with friends and family back home
  • Joining networking groups for travel healthcare workers
  • Putting effort into creating community in each new location
  • Finding social opportunities like gyms, classes, religious services, etc.

Handling Distance from Family and Friends

Travel nurses are often distant from close family and friends. Strategies to manage this include:

  • Scheduling quality virtual visits
  • Finding creative ways to share experiences and stay involved in each other's lives
  • Planning periodic trips home when possible
  • Keeping busy and making the most of time spent apart to build independence

Managing Constant Changes and Transitions

Adapting to new environments frequently can be draining. Tips include:

  • Giving yourself grace and time to adjust with each transition
  • Creating consistent daily routines and self-care practices
  • Focusing energy on learning each new facility's policies/procedures
  • Embracing a spirit of flexibility, adventure, and growth

Final Thoughts on LPN Travel Jobs

Long-Term Career Prospects

The skills gained through travel nursing are invaluable for long-term career development. The experience exposes LPNs to diverse healthcare settings and builds clinical confidence. Many parlay it into permanent staff positions at facilities discovered through travel assignments.

Potential for Personal and Professional Growth

Beyond furthering a career, LPN travel nursing enables immense personal growth. The independence, adaptability, and cultural awareness developed by nurses who choose this path is unmatched. It leads to greater self-knowledge and awareness that serves in all aspects of life.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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