June Travel Nurse of the Month: Brandy

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
October 6, 2016
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The team at Health Carousel Travel Nursing is honored to be in the company of so many dedicated nurses. All of our nurses are committed to providing excellent patient care, so we have many qualified candidates worthy of being our Travel Nurse of the Month. For June, we have decided to highlight Brandy and her accomplishments.

Brandy has worked exclusively with us for two years. She has completed 4 assignments and is often asked to extend.

Her recruiter, Ronald Marco De Castro states:

“Brandy is polite, easy to work with, and she never has any complaints. She goes to her assignments without any hesitation and the facilities have great respect for her.”

We have recently been notified that Brandy was selected as one of three travelers to extend at one of the nation’s leading teaching hospitals. In fact, she was offered a permanent position because of her positive performance.

Wonderful job, Brandy! We would like to thank you for your drive, and we can’t wait to witness your next achievement!

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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