Super Nurse for August 2017: Cassie

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September 23, 2016
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Health Carousel Travel Nursing dedicates a monthly award to one of our travel nurses when they’ve demonstrated the highest degree of patient satisfaction. This month, we are overjoyed to recognize a traveler who not only did just that, but in doing so changed the life of someone on our home-based staff.

Our August 2016 Travel Nurse of the Month is Cassie, whose exemplary professionalism and passion for helping others made a difference in the life of Katie Means from HCTN’s Travel & Housing department.

Here’s Katie on Cassie:

I had a baby this summer who was very sick and ended up in the Children’s Hospital NICU for 20 days. One night towards the end of our stay, I was shooting the breeze with our overnight nurse when she brought up the fact that she was a travel nurse. I quickly mentioned that I just started working for a local travel nurse company. When she asked if it was Health Carousel Travel Nursing I nearly hit the ceiling! Out of all the possible nurses, we had a Health Carousel Travel Nursing nurse. Although we only had Cassie for one night, my daughter is alive in part to her care that day. I am so thankful for Cassie and her amazing job caring for the smallest of lives. 

Now Cassie’s recruiter, Ashleigh Taylor:

Cassie has been a NICU RN since 2011 and is currently on her 4th assignment with us. She is highly skilled in neonatal care and travels for the adventure and experience. Cassie is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis and I’m happy to call her not only a colleague but a friend. She’s received more than excellent reviews on every assignment and I’m extremely lucky to have her on my team as well as across the country representing Health Carousel Travel Nursing with such positivity and knowledge in her field. She is dependable, compassionate, and her personality is magnetic. I am looking forward to many more adventures together!

Ashleigh recently sent Cassie a few pictures of the baby. Here’s what she had to say:

She’s gotten so big…She’s so cute and chunky cheeks! That’s why I love what I do!

katie baby at birth
katie baby currently smiling

And that’s why we love what we do too, Cassie. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of one of our own!

For this honor, Cassie will be receiving a super posh gift basket and one of our signature Traveler of the Month pins.

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